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How do they know you’re not a flake?

Marketing your business or product on the Internet?
Here’s to you from Seth Godin today…

Before your link gets clicked or your proposal gets read,
a busy person is going to triage it to find out if it’s even worth
glancing at. Since everyone is now connected, the new
permeability has created a deluge of noise, and just about
everyone worth contacting is taking defensive measures.

Do I know this person?
Did someone I trust send them over?
Are there typos and is the design sloppy?
Are they pestering me?
Who else is pointing to/referencing/working with this person?
Is it too good to be true?

All of these questions get asked before the idea is
even analyzed…See here

The last one – Is it too good to be true? – is especially painful. Overselling is
not only silly because it ain’t so, but because now, they’ve heard the the quick
money promises so often that overselling anything will do only one thing:
Ensure that they click DELETE. Without reading further.

Bottom line, if you’re not a flake, don’t talk or write like one.

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Kim Klaver


  • Great advice, the time of the dream seller promising impossible rewards for no effort is at last giving way to realism.
    The benefit to all of us is that the ambitious will still join our team, but with the recognition that effort brings reward and success is simplified by following the system which every worthwhile organisation has in place.
    Select the company with products you like, work with a leader you can respect, be open and honest with everyone and lets go build an army.
    To your success

    • Hi John,

      Thanks. One idea – an ambitious person expects to put the pedal to the metal.
      Our industry doesn’t attract those people with “easy anyone can do it” drivel.
      That drives ambitious people away. Leading with the challenge is what
      attracts an ambitious person.

      Would Steve Jobs be looking for the quick and easy?

  • That is the exact description of what you can find on Facebook…but overselling and quick money promises still have addicts.
    I truly think some people love to believe in Santa Claus and don’t want us to break their dreams.
    Have a great day.

  • Folks are more skeptical now than ever. So don’t do anything to turn them off, including hype and trying to persuade them.

    Just see if your thing is a good fit for them and if not, move on.

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