How do you buy when you’re not sure?

A friend presents you with some information on a natural weight loss product. You’ve never heard of it, but you’re interested in a natural weight loss product.

How do you make your decision to buy a natural weight loss product that first time?

Do you check around on similar products, approaches and prices? Or do you rely on the information provided by the sales person, her company website and brochures and go with that?

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  • The way it works around my house, I read any said materials on the couch, while my wife gets online and does research.

    Then we compare notes, so to speak, and then decide on whether to make a purchase.


  • I have bought my friend’s product before, so I would buy their’s if it sounded as though it were a good value.

    If wasn’t sure about the value, I would check around.


  • I would research everything I could find on my friends product but not so much comparing similar products. I would be focused on the one product. If I didn’t find a fit then maybe I would look around for others, maybe not.


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  • There are always going to be testamonials for weight loss products good and bad. The key is to reading in between the lines and finding something that is not a placebo. The thing we need to do is find a product that helps control cravings, keeps blood sugar stable, etc. that replaces a meal or is a strong adjunct to eating less – there is no such thing as a weight loss product. There are products that assist in weight control but nothing works without the necessary discipline and protocol that goes with it. Friend or no friend. For those interested in a weight control product – I have one along the lines mentioned above at my ITV web site – its called Rice N Shine. Juliette Gray

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