How do you prefer to do it?

Whether you focus on finding customers or reps, you have to reach out to people and tell/show them what you have. Here’s a little survey (info to feed into our little NM “search engine”). Vote after you read the options, please.

For reaching out methods, do you prefer…

1) Making them come to you through:

  1. Direct Mail –Warm and cold market letters, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.
  2. Ads – Newspaper and Magazine
  3. Internet – Blogs, forums, email (opt in leads from people in a target group who say they want email. E.g. health nuts, home based biz), social networks like iGaggle, MySpace, etc. OR

2) You go first through:

  1. Home parties, trade shows, street fairs, bump-intos.
  2. Presentations to clubs and business get-togethers (e.g. BNI, Chamber of Commerce)
  3. Calling/emailing – Warm market, merchants or neighbors in your local area, various professionals like real estate or insurance sales people, mailing lists using leads from list companies or Google searches for specific kinds of people…

What’s your personal working preference?

  1. Work independently
  2. Work in a team
  3. Work one-on-one with a buddy

Results so far here.

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Kim Klaver


  • This was a difficult quetionaire to fill out. I personally would want people to come to me but I do the majority of my business going to them with home parties. I am learning so much from Kim on how to get people to come to you but right now I have to do what is profitable and go to them. So I was torn how to answer. I use new market techniques while talking to people but I am the one who has initiated the conversation.

    Nancy Carlson

  • Previously I was in a MLM company that did not allow their distributors to advertise online.

    They wanted their product presented in person, talked about and sold with a hands-on, personal touch.

    I vowed to find a company that allowed me to advertise in a way that worked best for me, which meant an online presence.

    I also wanted an upline who would support and assist me in building my business my way.

    There are company’s with the business model and uplines that believe this way. Once I found the business, the individual organization I chose and the business partners I had made all the difference in the world.

    Brenda Bunney

  • Hi Kim,
    I wish you had included a “both” or “all the above” option as I was really divided in my answers ;o)

    On the first questionaire:

    I do like for people to come to me, but I enjoy home parties as well.

    On the second questionaire:

    I like to work independently but also enjoy working in a team and doing things together. I think the synergy of doing things as a team creates more success as “going it alone”.

    Ilka Flood

  • Ilka:

    I didn’t include “both” because we’d get no distinctions then. I really was asking which people prefer more…

    I will break this out further after some more results come in. So far, extremely enlightening to me…

  • Kim I have done home parties, google searches for pet professionals and calls to these offices. This is not my comfort zone so after a few months I stopped and started doing mailings. I write and print my own postcards, letters, newsletters and just started with flyers at pet related locations. I have run ads in animal magazines and started with newspaper ads. I use iGaggle, MySpace, Squidoo, several sites for work from home Moms and submit articles to online sites like ezinearticles. I also print t shirts about my product.
    My reaching out methods are mail, ads, and internet. Anytime I can write it out that’s my comfort zone at least for the first introduction.


  • I was just thinking earlier this evening how I love it that people contact me to let me know they are intested in my product or my business. It is a lot more fun that way, at least for me.

  • Kim,

    My team and I have been testing many of the reaching out methods we’ve learned from the “New School” wich includes, google searches for specific kinds of professionals, calls to these offices,(good results.) I did Mall walking, Party Plan, (great results), Newsletters, Internet Blogs, My Profile on NMC & i.Gaggle( brought me customers from all over United States, people I would have never met), Farmers Markets. You’ve given us a whole picnic table of Reaching Out Methods that are there for the taking tools to help even the shyest, inexperienced, or almost burned out network marker build our mini customer empires.:)

  • My absolute favorite Reaching Out Method has definitely been My Profile here at Network Marketing Central and just by telling my first date script… simply, calling for people with achy neck and shoulders looking for natural relief, no drugs and having them contact me, meeting and helping people all over the United States I would have never met, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

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