How he took in $1,080,00 online in 24 hours.

I’m taking a special Internet marketing course (a 30-day online program for about $2,000). It’s for people who want to learn to market online. That’s me. Thought I’d pass along fun tidbits to you.

Right now I’m now listening to someone who sold a traffic building program online. This gent, Sluggo, had a pretty small newsletter list (3,000), and yet he took in over $1 million in 24 hours. (!)

Here’s how he explains it.

1. Sluggo had been offering a newsletter with tips about traffic generation for about a year (= he was bonded with his readers.)

2. He let his readers know he had a special traffic generating program coming out (=anticipation). And they were excited to know about it because they loved his newsletter tips.

3. He sent his completed program to some Internet marketing gurus, all of whom were much better known than he was at the time (=leverage). He asked them if they’d like to offer it to their lists – and earn an affiliate fee.

4. He priced his program at $1,000. But he sent it free to these gurus.

5. Then he surprised them: Sluggo offered to pay the gurus 60% and keep only 40%. They’d earn $600 for each sale. More than Sluggo would, who had created it! (But remember, gurus can’t promote just anything, or they’ll lose the respect of their readers. So they reviewed the program first.)

6. On the launch date, Sluggo let the guru affiliates market the program first, so they’d make as much as possible. After that, he sent the info to his own list.

7. People waited in line to buy the program. They loved it and told others that they got a lot more in value than they paid for it. Many of the buyers used the teachings to make tens of thousands of dollars and more online.

Here’s my “secret,” says Sluggo (whose basic philosophy is that there is abundance, enough for everyone):

“Treating people really well, and making them more than happy to spread the word to other people about how they were treated. Period. Not slick marketing or hypnotizing them to make them do things they don’t want to do.”

If you look at the things he did here, ALL of them displayed this belief in action.

This is one of the of strategies I’ll be teaching networkers in the new Haystack Telecourse, starting February 20. I also made a little slide show of the Haystack program here. It’s rough, but I’m getting better at it…

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