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How I earned five figures in five weeks (!)

figuresWell I didn’t expect THAT.

Five weeks ago – on March 4, I signed up for Empower. I’d been staring at it for 11 months, getting an email from the “Dave’s” every day.

I didn’t unsubscribe because I couldn’t really believe what I was reading.
I was also constantly surprised and amused by their usual style of
speech, dress and on stage behavior. And. Their extreme psychological
and MLM smarts.

Anyway, five weeks ago (March 4) I bought a few of the products ($25 blogging
platform, $100 Inner Circle audio series, and the $500 Costa Rica Intensive
video program).

Since I own a lot of “How to market on the Internet”
programs from the likes of multimillionaire Frank Kern,
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these
were first rate online educational programs. I mean
programs that teach folks how to market and
make money online.

So I told this to a few folks with whom I’d worked MLM before, asked
them to check it out and just go in for the $25 and $100 – if they liked it too.

I put in a dozen or so folks – at that level. They added a few peeps as well.
As time went on we all bought more of the EN programs.  A few of us recently
went “all in” and got all five. From the start, we set up a secret Facebook
group to help each other and compare notes.

Fast forward to today, about five weeks later…

I have added up all the money’s I have generated in about five weeks: $27,279.83.

$27,297.83. In my first five weeks.

Here’s what’s really mind blowing to me: I only
have 63 peeps on my team to date.
  63 (!).

So how did this happen?

#1. People love the programs so it was easy to offer them
to others.

#2. The commissions. Totally off the wall, basically paying out
100% commissions, of which we receive 50-80% on
all the products others buy from us.

#3. The heavy lifting – SELLING – is done by the Dave’s.
NOT by any of us.

Our job has been to introduce the program to the right folks – and
offer them the $25 option to test it. Most come in also for the $100 audio
library.   (We don’t require it. Just suggest because the $100 audio library
is so cool.)

The video trainings are the selling tools.  We all receive
notifications of sales we did not personally make.


Bonus.  Once a person has bought a program ($25 – $3,5k) they earn
commissions on it forever. The company pays out 100%. Reps average
about 75-80% of the purchase price.

Source of the income.  I’ve had many sales of the $1k product, many for
the $500 and $100  and a few for the $3.5k programs. Since the commissions
are so big, adding it all up to date is a bit over $27k for my first five weeks.

I have never done so little personal selling and persuading – in 25 years –
as I have done here.  I am still stunned by it all.

PS There is NO guarantee you will earn this, or any money at all in Empower.
Your earnings are based on your efforts, your attitude and other factors which
I do not control. However I can promise you this: If you bring in orders for
the Empower programs that YOU own, you will earn income the same way I do.
By bringing in sales. And by your peeps doing the same. 🙂
Empower Network Income Disclosure here.

You can check it out on my new orange Empowered Bananas blog and
join me there. Or not. Friends still.  🙂

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Kim Klaver


  • That’s great, Kim, that you found something that suits you. You sound jazzed. I’m so glad for you.

    I love getting your messages. You always make me think a little differently.

    Rock on!

  • I really wish I could do this. The family just doesn’t want e me “waste” money. I am tryingbtofigure out an end run. Maybe Another guy and Imcould work together.

    A thought. So much negative out there. I’m doing an Internet direct sales thing now, but it is small potatoes right now, plus I got to find product and deliver. Not really crazy about the whole thing. Wishing really is negative.

    Good night. Love you all. God bless you.

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