How To Ask for The One

Holidays are a chance to ask for The One.

Some people make presentations to almost everyone they meet. Especially during the holiday get togethers. Have you experienced it?

Archie starts his pitch. Then, he talks faster and faster, racing to get it all in before the other person’s eyes have totally glazed over.

Then Archie get the usual “Um, well, hmm, I’ll think about it…um, I have to go to the bathroom now…”

In our uber politically correct culture, we who are subjected to this, do everything we can to avoid saying no. Especially to people we know. Networkers know this, but somehow we hope if we can talk fast enough and jam enough information in, well, maybe, right? Sigh.

Here’s how to avoid that entire scene. Especially over the holidays:

Never take aim at anyone directly. Always ask for someone else.

Here’s how.

“Aunt Lulu, I don’t know if you know this, but I have a business of my own and I’m looking for someone to partner up with. If I describe who I’m looking for, will you let me know if you know anyone like that?”

Would you say No to that?

Remember, you’ve just said, without saying the words, “I know it’s not you aunt Lulu, so don’t you worry. But, if you come across someone like The One, lemme know, ok?”

Here’s the other advantage. Aunt Lulu can now listen to you safely, because she knows you are NOT asking HER. She won’t be preoccupied during your spiel, thinking up how she’s going to say no and not hurt your feelings.

You also save yourself making the big pitch, only to have the person say no. This way neither of you feels put upon. And you can then go ask the next person you connect with without feeling like (or being perceived as) a pest.

What are those characteristics you ask for? Start thinking and listing. Be as original as you can. I put some characteristics I always look for in the One Liners audio program I am editing right now. Hope to have it available in the next 48 hours. Affordable, too.

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Kim Klaver


  • Some times the simplest ideas are the hardest to think of. I have come across this line before, but I can never stop thinking how it changed my attitude towards Network Marketing. Before that I was feeling that Network Marketing was a friendship destroyer. After finding the correct ways, it became one of the best jobs.

  • Hi Kim,

    You just described exactly what I have been working on as an email approach to the professional business people in my network.

    My letter says,"I am looking for 2-3 special people to add to our team. They would be:

    • A people person.
    • A good communicator.
    • Proactive about their health.
    • Apt to teach.
    • Comfortable around a computer.
    • A motivated entrepreneur."

    I try to follow up with a phone call that only asks if they got my email?

  • Tom — great start.

    Where you write: "I am looking for 2-3 special people to add to our team.

    Try 'someone'.

    Special people feel like they're – well – very special. The bigger you make the call – "2-3 or 5 or a few" – the less likely someone like me, who thinks of herself as a very special catch for this business – is likely to respond.

    Try it.

    I also notice you have nothing in there about loving sales. Don't you want someone who totally loves sales?


  • Hi Kim,

    Good stuff. Thanks much. I have been schooled against asking for anybody, somebody, someone in my 60second commercial training with BNI. My opening statement in the email speaks of myself joining a company as a manufacturer's rep. I will change that to sales rep and add the "loves sales" to my list of characteristics for my someone.

  • Another very nice article with good advice. I found myself obsessing about business to people over the holidays even though I didn't actively recruit. Your advise is definitely a good way to talk about "the business" without turning people off.

    I had mentioned something similar about networking with family and friends over the telephone. Since your warm market will be very supportive but not anxious to sign up, they are great people to help you find the right people to present your business opportunity to. You just have to ask "Do you know anybody who…"

    Kim, send me an email sometime.


  • Thanks Kim, this is great stuff and I always learn from you.

    Happy New Year!

    ps, do you ever come to the midwest???

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