How to Become an Online/NM Celebrity by Emulating Jay Leno

Jay Leno is at the top of night-time TV. Here’s how he stays there:

“This sounds silly,” he says, “but my attitude is, sooner or later, the other guy is going to have to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, get laid, or take a vacation, and that’s when I catch him. That’s always worked for me.”

Steve Rubel summarizes the five things Leno does that make him so good (“product” below refers to whatever you are selling, but especially YOUR APPROACH to people):

“1) Be incredibly focused on delivering a quality product

You might not think of your blog, podcast, video or Twitter stream [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][or your sales approach-KK] as a product, but it is – it’s a product of you. Great products often build great brands. It’s no different on the web or in showbiz.

Jay Leno knows this. In his case, his primary product consists of jokes. If his jokes start to stink then so goes his brand. Leno reportedly screens 200-300 potential jokes from his writers each day for his nightly monologue. Only the funniest ones make it into the 11-minute Tonight Show bit.

The lesson here is to make sure you’re consistently putting out a quality product. Take your time to get it [your approach language] right…

2) Talent is never enough. It takes a champion work ethic and passion to succeed

Now, you might think this is crazy, but Jay Leno hasn’t taken a vacation in 20 years and he rarely takes days off. Further, he spends 150 days on the road doing stand-up gigs, even though he clearly doesn’t need the money. Often when he wraps up taping the Tonight Show he and his wife will hit the road for a gig in Vegas. He loves to perform and it shows…”-Read all five things here that make “the great chinned one” so good at what he does. Thanks, Steve Rubel.

That’s online and TV celebrity. How about NM celebrity?:

Let’s apply Leno’s #1 to your personal sales approach: 1) Be incredibly focused on delivering a quality product

QUESTION: What’s been the most unique and/or most memorable sales approach you’ve experienced in your NM business? (It can be something someone else did, or something you did that worked in ways you didn’t expect.)[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Kim Klaver


  • QUESTION: What’s been the most unique and/or most memorable sales approach you’ve experienced in your NM business? (It can be something someone else did, or something you did that worked in ways you didn’t expect.)

    The most memorable sales approach that I’ve done is still in progress, however, it’s “Energy Drink Testers Wanted”.

    I, personally, have over 300 people awaiting our energy drink coming out this week. Our team has over 8,000 people.

    We’ve already talked with them, began the relationship building process and have ascertained that they already drink energy drinks and are looking for something that costs less and provides them with the energy they want. I have personally experienced the product so I know that it provided me with the energy to continue driving another 6 hours after I thought I was going to need to pull over and rest, so hopefully it will work as well for others.

    I thought of that headline and wasn’t even sure it would work, however, it has and we will be sending a lot of samples to highly qualified potential product users.

    My phone rings a lot. One day I had 34 phone calls from people who want to try this new product.

    Any time you are lucky enough to stumble upon an advertising slogan that gets your phone ringing that’s amazing.


  • Thanks, Rox. Fun ad.


    1. What do the samples cost you to give out for each one? Just the cost to you is my question. .50? .25? $1?

    2. How much of a drink sample does someone get? One drink? Two? Are these shipped or how does someone get them from you that first time?

    3. If they want to buy some, how much would it be for one bottle?

    Are there straightforward, short answers to these?

  • Kim,

    My cost is $1.10 per sample. It comes in a powder in a stick pack like the water flavorings you see in the store. So it’s portable and you don’t have to worry about keeping it cold. Each sample is 2 servings. It will make 2 drinks.

    I have almost 200 people from local advertising, so those I will meet with. I’m going to have an open house where they can come test and give feedback. You can mix it with water or juice. We’ll use tap water during the open house.

    The other ones who aren’t local I will mail the samples to.

    The cost is $75 per box of 50 stick packs (100 servings).

    I was amazed in talking to people. Some people are spending $3 – $4 PER energy drink and drinking 2 – 3 of them per day so most that I’ve talked to are excited about the cost savings too.


  • QUESTION: What’s been the most unique and/or most memorable sales approach you’ve experienced in your NM business? (It can be something someone else did, or something you did that worked in ways you didn’t expect.)

    I have several but I will only share one here.

    Back when I was with Primerica I was field training a new recruit. She had a remarkable rapport with her warm market, followed everything I said in terms of the approach, and we got many appointments without being drafted by the dreaded NFL (no friends left). In fact I don’t recall ever having that problem with any of my recruits because of the soft and honest approach I used.

    During one of her training appointments we had one potential client that just kept saying no to our service.

    We took him from being in debt for 40 years and much of his retirement to being out of debt in 7 years (including his house and the business he owned). We saved him a quite a bit of money on his insurance as well.

    When we walked into his home his debt service and insurance payments were over $5,000 a month. When we finished our analysis that payment had been cut in half *and* we added almost a $1,000,000 to his retirement and increased his insurance coverage to boot.

    More protection for his family, more money in retirement, and more money in his pocket *now* – $2500 to be exact. In other words we dramatically improved his situation without him and his wife spending any new money.

    It was a no brainer and his wife was obviously excited but he wouldn’t budge. He kept coming up with the lamest excuses. It was almost comical at points to watch a very successful businessman try to deny the obvious numbers that were staring him in the face.

    I knew there was something else wrong. I secretly suspected he didn’t want me to have such a large commission and wanted the new recruit to have everything, but of course I couldn’t say that.

    Finally they offered that their accountant had looked over the plan and didn’t think it was a good idea. Well no single profession in America has more influence among their clients than accountants. So that was all she wrote for that evening.

    However, at the time I was reading Tom Stanley’s “Selling to the Affluent,” and he had one very nifty little idea about how to reach otherwise unreachable professionals.

    Mr. Stanley is a big believer in never approaching anyone about enhancing *your* income. That is what everyone does and you will just be background noise like most everyone else.

    He believes that we should always approach people with ways on enhancing *their* income. People always listen and eventually will reciprocate if you can show them how to grow their business revenue.

    And that means enhancing the income of the business they are in, not growing their income by adding network marketing to the mix.

    I knew it would do no good to seek an audience with our potential client’s accountant. I had already asked the couple and they said they would talk to him and get back to us. Yeah, right. As soon as we walked out I’m sure we would be quickly forgotten.

    Instead, I called up and set an appointment to see the accountant, his secretary obviously thinking I was a potential client.

    When we (me and my new recruit) arrived a week later, right at the outset of the appointment I said I wasn’t there to seek his services, but rather to find out why he felt our financial program was not right for his client.

    At that very moment I also pulled out my checkbook and said I realize his time is valuable and don’t want to waste any of it and proceeded to write him a check for $250 (his per hour charge) right on the spot.

    I’m sure in his several decades of practice he never had a saleperson pay him for his time. He listened (just like Dr. Stanley said he would), said he didn’t realize our program was different from what the client’s bank was offering (I showed him specifically how it was), asked a number of questions, and then we parted when the hour was up. No promises but said he would look things over and let his client know what he thought.

    A few months later, when I was no longer working with my recruit, that couple bought directly from her. I’m sure they thought they were getting around me (thus saving face) while at the same time heeding their accountant’s advice.

    Net commission result:

    Debt consolidation loan – $8000 up front

    Insurance – $1200 upfront plus a residual paid every month

    PrePaid Legal Plan – $150 up front plus residual (at the time Primerica marketed PrePaid Legal but with their own branding)

    There was also a potential investment sale but I wasn’t around to find out what happened.

    A little creativity and $200 returned a commission on a client of almost $10,000 and a trailing income).

    The bigger moral – if you want an audience with a professional (doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc), pay them for their time. They will usually be more than happy to listen.


  • Roxanne, I just want to take a moment to thank you for your great idea about ‘testers wanted’. I recently joined a new NWM company and their lead product (LimuPlex)is in single serving packets…perfect for sampling! So I’ve begun a campaign to attract new customers. It’s too early to tell yet how this will work, but I have a good feeling about it.

    What I’ve done so far:

    Purchased a pair of car magnets ($25) that reads:
    Testers Wanted for
    NEW Supplement!
    Call (760) 940-9022

    Purchased FREE glossy postcards at (regular and oversized) to place under windshield wipers of cars parked at health food stores that read the same as above, except I had room to add the following qualifier:

    Must LOVE Nutrition & be willing to listen to a short CD. If this applies to you, your opinion is needed! Call Karen at…

    From Vistaprint I also purchased free magnets (business card size and postcard size) with the above info.

    Vistaprint also gave me 250 free premium business cards, so I added my ‘testers wanted’ statement on the backside of the cards.

    My sponsor gave me 50 copies of the “HEALTH NEWS” newspaper about my product, so I printed labels from my computer to place in the appropriate spot on the paper, again stating my ‘testers wanted’, with the qualifying statement. I’ll be purchasing more of these newspapers in the near future.

    And I’ve added an email sig to my outgoing email with my qualifying statement.

    Having a qualifying statement is important for me because I don’t have lots of extra money to spend on tons of samples. Depending on how much I buy at a time, they’ll cost me anywhere from $1.10-$1.50 a piece, plus I need to factor in other costs. So I hope I will hear from prospects that APPRECIATE nutrition and know a quality product when they see/hear about it.

    Anyway Roxanne, you gave me this idea to kick off my new business, so I want to thank you for sharing! Hopefully this will work out as well for me as it has for you.

    All the Best,

    p.s. And Kim, thank you for teaching me to qualify prospects and to always ask for referrals (among other great things, of course!)

  • Rox,

    Thanks for a GREAT idea for my own business!

    Kim asked –

    QUESTION: What’s been the most unique and/or most memorable sales approach you’ve experienced in your NM business? (It can be something someone else did, or something you did that worked in ways you didn’t expect.)

    My whole experience in relationshipping, recruiting and retention changed when I stopped “Selling” others and asked them to sell themselves.

    Often, when talking to suspicious prospects, one will say – “Okay, go ahead, honey, sell me on your deal!”

    I always laugh and reply that I am not interested in selling them on anything. The only person I can sell is myself, and I am only interested in providing information and if they like it, then kindly “sell yourself.”

    Tell me why YOU think this business would be a fit for you.

    It really lightens up the conversation and opens up some very powerful communication.

    In almost every case, I do sponsor the individual who asks that question and gets that response.

    And, when it is THEIR idea and not mine, and they sell THEMSELVES and it’s not me in the equation, it makes for a much stronger partnership.

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer
    Six Figure MLM WAHM

  • Jackie,

    Glad to help. Any product that can be sampled out (almost every product in MLM) you can ask for testers of.

    Here’s the key:

    “And, when it is THEIR idea and not mine, and they sell THEMSELVES and it’s not me in the equation, it makes for a much stronger partnership.”

    Isn’t it amazing when you can find a no pressure way of getting people to ask to join your business or ask to buy your product? I love it!! And it does make the partnership so much stronger when it’s THEIR idea.

    I guess I learned that being married. I have to let my husband think that my ideas are his or he won’t want to do them. 😉


  • Thanks, Roxanne! Nice to see the price of your product is exactly as much as one of mine, that I thought was too expensive.

    My most remarkable experience
    happened last September. We were hanging out in Liard Hot Springs way up North. Chatting with strangers happens easily when you are soaking in hot water. The topic got onto the high Canadian dollar. I just casually mentioned that I was very aware of the exchange rate because I have a home business in US $. The person “bit”, asked what kind, and when I said *****(being generic here)her face just lit up.
    We had a long chat about health stuff in general. Later I took info and samples over to their RV,
    got contact information and permission to call.
    The rest is history. Our RV trip just became tax deductible, and my new friend is a whole lot healthier! The whole process was effortless, natural, flowing, just like it is supposed to be.

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