How To Build a Customer Base in 7 Steps

If recruiting isn’t going as fast as you’d hoped, consider, instead of quitting, building a steady customer base.

If you’re curious why I began teaching customer building and not just recruiting, the answer is right here.

Step ONE. Seek not to convert. Seek the converted.

“To sell shaving soap to the peasants of Russia one would first need to change their beard-wearing habits.” (Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising)

Is that really how to make a good income in your lifetime?

Each person’s beliefs – about most things- are right to them. So if you are trying convert someone from a $6 jar of Ponds face cream to a $25 organic (and better version) you have a long road to travel. You’re in the converting mode.

If you’re trying to sell high-end vitamins to someone who just doesn’t care about vitamins for whatever reasons, you are seeking to convert. Long and expensive process.

Unless the person is in the searching mode for a product based on the values of the one you are selling, i.e. whole food based vitamins, earth-friendly cleaners that work, etc. you will not likely make any friends pushing your views onto them.

Instead find the converted. Those who ALREADY share your values that make you pay extra for your product line and use it yourself.


ASK for them. The same way you would if you were looking for someone with whom to play tennis. They already like tennis, obviously, and now it’s – are you pretty good or just beginning?

Same here. Someone who already believes like you do about the importance of WHATEVER makes your product special and worth the extra money. Here are some tips on how to do that – assuming YOU believe in the values your products are based on, too.

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