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How To Get More Followers?

Get Their Attention

Earning income in network marketing is a PROCESS.

Like it is in any business.

NM is neither easy, nor simple. Marketing has never been easy or simple. There’s a reason 95% of those starting NM thinking (or who were told) it’s easy, simple or quick, drop out.

All that does is make most folks feel stupid. Because it’s so NOT true.

If you find yourself frustrated with your progress ask yourself:

1) “What can I do to attract prospective customers to me?”

2) “What can I do to attract prospective reps or partners to me?”

Start making a list of TEN things you can do, to answer 1 and 2 above. Just noodle.

And Google

Note: “attract to me” comes first. That means, you draw their attention to something you write or show on FB or at your local gym.

Unless they happen to be specifically looking for you and your product, like an old customer, “attracted to you” comes BEFORE you “sell” your product.

PS Remember Jesus? He liked to perform miracles to get the attention of people who didn’t know about him. So others would start talking about what they’d seen and more would come the next time he visited their town. That is how he attracted new followers.

You too, can perform a sort of miracle by offering helpful tips about your product’s purpose. See, to those who come across that, who have NOT yet been able to find that “best” solution to their problem – (which your creative self and your product can help with) – you both will be seen as an almost miracle. Make sense? 🙂

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