"How to Get Rich" (1)

“That’s what so many want. Right?” So writes Mark Cuban who went from eating mustard and ketchup sandwiches ten years ago to a super rich guy today. Here’s his advice. Good news first.

Yes, he agrees there are ways to get there.

1. Getting there requires being ready when opportunity presents itself.

2. Change and uncertainty create opportunity. Times like we are facing now, with complete financial uncertainty are perfect times to start on the road to getting ahead financially.

3. What NOT TO DO. More here.

Everyone who makes it to financial success has a somewhat different story…see if this resonates with you…I found it sobering and helpful.

P.S. He includes multi-level marketing in “schemes” and I’m sure he is referring to the bad peeps who promise the moon when neither they nor anyone they know is making any money.

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