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How To Help Someone Succeed?

How To Help Someone Succeed?

How do I help someone succeed when I’m insecure about my own abilities? In fact there were times in the past when I was starting out where I think I sabotaged myself in this way by subconsciously hoping someone would not sign up because I didn’t know what to do with them to really serve them properly…” –Pete Castellano

Best, quickest fix?

Skill Up. Once you do THAT, your confidence will grow. Then here’s the rule I follow:

Learn something. Do something. Teach something.

That’s what I’ve done. Since forever.

PS MUCH of what I teach here comes from others. I’m an AVID learner. Almost every week I buy programs, courses, books, videos, audios. Then I do some of it, and teach some of it. That makes me a “guru” to anyone who does not know those things yet.

You can do that VERY same thing. You ready?

PS Do you want to learn on how to talk to anyone? Check this out..


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