How to identify a quality online prospect

For those in the online marketing world…

Nice tip from our friend Frank Kern:

Your real prospects, he says, are those who read, engage and respond to your information and offers. Usually, that’s a very small percent of the readers on a person’s email list.

  • READ.  If you have a list of 1,000 readers, industry average says that 15% -150 – regularly read (open) your emails.  
  • ENGAGE. A much smaller percent – say 7-9% click on the link inside the email providing more info on the topic of the email. (Frank says he’s very happy with 9% click-thru.)
  • RESPOND. A very much smaller percent (usually less than one percent of the total list) respond. That means, they either buy a product or sign up for a webinar or conference call about a new program. 

What’s with all the other people on your list?  Well, they’re either not interested anymore, or were never really interested to begin with.

The proof is in those numbers. Shared by most experienced internet and mlm marketers.

What to do? Two things:

1) Hone your skills in describing and finding people who ALREADY have an interest in your niche or market. Those are people who are already predisposed to it.

2) Starting with those folks, take those prospects on the journey of becoming customers for your product, service or program.

That process starts with cultivating them with helpful and cool content, on the house.  Because. You want to prove you’re a nice person, and one who knows more than they do about this thing they’re already predisposed to wanting to learn more about.

Here’s step one: Figure out: What is your niche or market, in which you seek to find your clientele? Remember, the more specific, the better. “People who want health and wealth” is not a viable niche or market. Been there, done that.

This exercise alone can get your business off to a whole new start.

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