How to reconnect with your business purpose

In the delightful book, Your Business Brickyard (free PDF download here), Howard Mann reminds me that business is supposed to be fun to run. It felt that way when you got started too, right?

But somewhere along the way, problems buried all the fun…How are you going to realize your business’s true potential when it’s no fun doing it?

Do this, says Mr. Mann:

Reconnect with your purpose.

“Your purpose should be a true reflection of why you do what you do and what makes your business more fun to run. It should live at the intersection of what you truly do better than anyone else and what your clients truly care about.”

He adds:

“Your purpose should serve to power and filter initiatives, strategy, and ideas. If any initiative does not connect to your purpose you can quickly toss it aside and move on.”

Initiatives are things you undertake that require staying power. So do what accomplishes YOUR core purpose and do it YOUR way. Forget the what “they” want you to do (your upline, your company, or the Joneses.)

It is YOUR business, n’est pas?

A simple sense of purpose can create revolutions.

James Dyson, the famous pioneer with the yellow vacuum cleaner, once said, “I just think that things should work properly.” Hardly some big earth shattering concept.

Purpose fuels passion, writes Mr. Mann, and passion is the endless, limitless fuel that keeps your business fun to run.

What’s your core purpose for your business?

NOTE: Whatever it is, it should transcend your business. I.e., be valuable whether you’re doing your business or not. Like Dyson’s sense of purpose.

Please post. Love to hear. And I will post my core purpose also.

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Kim Klaver


  • Thank you, Kim, for the very practical and “right on target” book. Network marketing is a very difficult business if you don’t know your passion and your WHY. If not, every time your friends ask you why you’re doing this or every time someone says “no” to your products, it can be difficult to go on. But if you can visualize and “taste” that end goal, you have all the power you need to go on … and business is fun!


  • Kim Awesome post!

    We as humans struggle with anything that goes against our grain. If we are not doing something with a smile and joy your are wasting your time.

    Excellant. I will forward this along.

  • First I have to say I love my Dyson and it does work properly every time I turn it on!

    I feel we need to get back to “real food” to stop all the disease and suffering. We might just live longer. At least that’s my purpose with my life and business.

    BTW, I’m still having fun with my business because I never forget my focus which is also my purpose.

    OK Kim let’s hear yours…


  • Excellent post and great information in Mr. Mann’s article. It is certainly causing me to reflect what I want to be doing right now.

    What I was doing before is no longer fun. I’m taking some time now for me…..looking for that passion I once had and figuring out “what I want to be and do when I grow up”.

    P.S. Please don’t try to recruit me either.

  • Hi Kim,

    My core purpose is “to have plenty to live and plenty to give.”

    Not there yet,
    Tom Doiron

  • Hi Kim,

    So glad to hear you got value from my book.

    Purpose is definitely the first thing that gets lost along the way but, when you reconnect to it, provides a total reset button to your business and/or career.

    The temptation is to look for a tagline. The challenge is to go a level (or 2) deeper to find something that will make you leap out of bed each morning and leave you feeling fulfilled when you reflect back on your week.

    Thanks again and keep having fun!

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