How to recruit over the 4th…

Lots of people ask how to
1) talk to people they know after they’ve burned their bridges and
2) talk to people they’ve just met and offer them their opportunity.

People are doing a lot of conversation with family and new contacts over the next few days, so here are two little scripts…

Aunt Lulu (below) can be someone you know well, or, in the second example, someone you JUST met.

I’ve used and taught this over many years. It enables you to put your opportunity out there, without coming across as pushy, or as “one of those people pushing one of those things.”

1. If Aunt Lulu knows you have a business:

“You know I’m expanding my business and I’m looking for a person to partner up with. If I describe to you who I’m lo0king for, will you let me know if you know anyone like that?”

Now you have her ear, because you are not directing your pitch AT HER. She’s likely to say OK, describe the person…You know this part, right?
Someone who blah and blah and blah…ending with, “Do you know anyone who…?”

2. If Aunt Lulu doesn’t know you have a business:

“I don’t know if you know this, but I’ve started a business of my own and I’m looking for a person to partner up with. If I describe to you who I’m lookng for, will you let me know if you know anyone like that?”

This is from the 18 page Script Notes portion (Cribsheet) of the Skeptical Market Recruiter CD program (bottom center of page there). If you don’t want to wait for the CDs to arrive, you can get the online MP3 version here, save $30, and have it in 10 minutes – right on your computer.

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim,

    This verbage is great and does take the pressure off of everyone.

    If they know someone, great and if not, it is no big deal to either of you.

    They may run into someone later either needing your product or wanting to build a biz of their own….. they will think of you and send you a great opportunity!

    Brenda Bunney

  • Thanks for the great tips! Happy Fourth of July everyone.

    Nancy Carlson

  • Whew! Thanks again, Kim.

    Just hating beating people over the head — and getting beaten up — by obnoxious recruiting :(((

    We just don’t even take one recruit-slinging friend to events because she CORNERS everybody.

    Gives the industry such a bad name.


    Your Friend,

    Pat Crosby

  • Brilliant as always. Thanks Kim! I’ve just been invited to a bbq tonight and I’ll try out those lines.

    Have a happy and safe 4th of July everyone!

    Ilka ;o)

  • Great tip Kim. I’ve always found that by not directing my pitch at the prospect I have better success. A similar method I use is simply telling them why I got into the business. Its a great transition from the old, “So what do you do” question that 90% of people will ask you with out any prompting anyway.

  • I feel the same way recruiting is the most difficult thing to do as our fearless leader Kim is always right on
    I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th

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