How to recruit when everyone’s sick of being hit up.

Have you gotten tired of being the pursuer in this business? Always chasing and following up? And getting less and less response?

The pursued are sick of it too. They don’t want to be bothered either. Who’s not already signed up for the Do Not Call Registry? Who doesn’t have a spam filter? Leads may become less and less effective as people just hit delete or never get the emails in the first place.

But people DO want to buy stuff. Instead waiting for the phone to ring or checking the latest spam in our in-box, here’s what we do today. We go online. And we:

Google it.

Enter anything you want, check out as many options as you want without pressure, and buy today, tomorrow, whenever.

The trick to master How can YOU come up when people search for your product type or business type?

1. You need a website.

2. You’ll need compelling, non-salesy, non-screaming copy. (Unless you are looking to attract people who respond to salesy, screaming sales copy.)

3. You’ll need credibility and demonstrated expertise in your specialty so you earn the trust of strangers.

4. What else?

Remember that hypey copy promising the moon (e.g. “this thing will have people begging to come into your business”) is becoming more and more common as people become more desperate for attention. But be careful of using copy that pulls in the wrong ones – people who actually expect that to happen. Someone with brains might inquire about your business, but that’s quite a distance from joining it, much less “begging” to do so.

So what else, besides #1-3, might make your site more likely to be found when someone enters in some words relating to your product type or business type?

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  • The more nice, simple and ‘clean’ is your website, the better.

    Often, people try to cram too much information on the Home page, and it ends up being a distraction to the potential customer.

    So when it comes to your website, less truly is more.

    Paul Eilers

  • Think unique. Brand yourself, not your company. Let people know there’s a real person behind the product/service or business opportunity.

    Make a video of you talking about your product and telling your story. (Focus on customers)

    Tell people (IN PLAIN LANGUAGE) how they can make money with your product. (Focus on business builders)

    Don’t have a video camera? No problem. Make an audio and add pictures to it using Windows Movie Maker.

    Host your video on youtube then put the code they give you to show it on your site. Other people will find it there also. Use the right keywords when you upload it to youtube and when people google those keywords, YOUR youtube video will show up.

    People like to see and/or hear the person they will be buying from or joining in business. Pictures/videos/audio is very important.

    ~Roxanne Green~

  • It need to be relevant copywritting to a problem
    they need solving, with a Follow up System.

    Even if your offer is EXACTLY what they’re
    looking for, it’s actually quite rare that someone will
    buy from you or sign up for your opportunity the
    very first time you make contact with them.

    This is just something you have to factor into the
    equation when you’re hammering out your
    overall sales process.
    If you don’t have a systemized follow up procedure
    in place for every single one of your prospects,
    you’re leaving untold amounts of money on the

    A good follow up sequence can EASILY quadruple
    your sales because rather than just being able to sell
    to the same person once, you can sell to them 5
    times… 10 times… even 100 times. (repeat customers)

    The fortune truly is in the follow up.
    See, when you follow up with someone, you cannot
    continue to hit them up with a sales pitch every

    If a plain old sales pitch was enough, they would
    have bought the first time.

    The reason they didn’t buy the first time around is
    because they weren’t convinced that you’ll really be
    able to deliver what your sales pitch promises.

    You have to prove it to them.

    The way this is done is by educating them and
    showing them you know what you’re talking about
    BEFORE they ever do business with you.

    The purpose of the follow up is to build trust and
    credibility because these are some of the biggest
    obstacles that hold anyone back from making a

    Every time you contact someone, each message
    should sell them on the idea that their time and
    money will be well spent with you not because
    you asked for it, but because you gave them
    valuable information for free.

    This information has to be genuinely useful to them
    regardless of whether or not they ever buy from you.

    This is the only way follow up becomes effective
    and how you get your message in front of people,
    because prospects don’t pay attention to pitches,
    they pay attention to value.

    When your messages become educational rather
    than sales, all resistance melts. The
    natural defenses that every person has against being
    sold disappear.

    So you need your own website with good revelent copy, and a followup system.

    You can get great information on site building and followup systems at

  • Using article writing, e-zines, and submission directories will boost your page rank, too. I talk about a variety of marketing methods in my blog
    because I believe education in proven, sound, and effective marketing strategies is a step many overlook.

  • Kim asks:
    So what else, besides #1-3, might make your site more likely to be found when someone enters in some words relating to your product type or business type?

    Use phrases (key words) about what your product fixed for you. People will enter things like; Menopause night sweats, picky eaters, healthy pet food, etc. Write about your fix.

    When the person gets to your site keep it simple. Use links or tabs for extra info like the science behind the product or the company. I don’t spend time on the extra wordy sites but will click on a link if I want to know more.

    Simple – Honest – No surprises- Easy contact info – Be a real person. Don’t put anything that requires the disclaimer, results not typical.

    By choice, my websites are for product so I don’t have info about the business on them. My websites are product – customer driven so I can’t add anything on this post related to the business.


  • Stay in the game. Be there once the dust settles and your competition fades away.

    Longevity in this business and on the internet are imperative.

    My 12 year old daughter is avidly pursuing an acting career and is laser focused. An acting coach gave some amazing advice to her class the other day and I thought how appropriate for this business –

    “Always remember that your competition is days away from quitting; moving on to something else; throwing in the towel. Be the one who is left standing! Always be fine tuning your craft and always be learning something new.”

    Most people give up when they don’t have the results they desire after a few days.

    Set a 90 day action plan and see it through. The results will show up!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer
    Six Figure MLM Training BLOG

  • There is a useful site that you can use to help brand yourself. Let’s face it when someone you don’t know wants to find some info on you they will “google you”. The site is at and is $4.95/month or $47.50/year (no affiliate link here). You you will get on the first page of google,yahoo,msn when someone types your name in. You setup a profile and it’s very professional. This will help you in branding YOURSELF. Also, I recently found a great site where you can create capture pages,and blogs for free. It’s very easy to use and navigate and they have some great templates.

  • For those who might not know everything about getting to the top of google, you can always run some google adwords ads. It can take up to 9 months to get to the top of the search engines, so in the meantime, you have to come up with other ways to get your name out there.

  • 1. You need a website.

    I would say you need a blog. I have a system in place for building a customer base, but needed to create something of my own to recruit. It was on one of the discussion lists I frequent that I learned about a blog hosting platform that has me ranking on page one and two of Google for my top keywords – in less than 30 days. Send me an email if you would like to know more: TracyAustin @

    So what else, besides #1-3, might make your site more likely to be found when someone enters in some words relating to your product type or business type?

    Unless you have someone doing search engine optimization for you, you will not be found simply because surfers are entering your keywords. You can have the perfect website or blog but if it doesn’t rank with Google, you will need to drive traffic to it in other ways that cost money.

    If a person is here and reading Kim’s work and attracted to new MLM thinking, they have a huge advantage over their competition. I say the real challenge is being found online without going broke. If you have a means to do that, once you are found, the right ones will contact you. It happens to me more and more these days.


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  • You really don’t need anything more than that to get started. If you’ve had the website created for you–make sure its optimized for the search engines. If it isn’t. Have that done.

    Other than a little techy issue like that you don’t need alot. Just get it out there.

    All the talk about branding, unique selling points and great copy come into play as you test and split test your current sales funnel.

    The biggest issue most people face is just getting something out there. They get hung up on the cluster screw of information from thousands of sources telling them they need this, this, this, this and this in place.

    Tell you what, get a website together, write the copy to be clean, clear and for goodness sake don’t talk like a snake oil salesman. Tell them your story and how the -product- has enhanced you nad your life.

    Then start sharing it with people.

    If it works, tweak it. If it doesn’t work TWEAK it.

    I’ve done this with more than one company over the last 2 years now and have had great success with it. Even my mentors are blown away by the results I get.

    The key is to not get hung up on perfection. Be authentic in your message and be honest.

    Network Marketing Journey

  • To the people who commented you will need to spend money to be ranked on page one of Goggle I would have to disagree.

    I’ve never spent a cent and come up on page one with my key words. Think like someone looking for your product and use these words.

    Start a blog and write something everyday. Think of it as having a conversation, not promoting your product or business. My blogs and website are ranked high on goggle and updated everyday.

    It will take longer to get ranked high, it took about 6 months for me but it’s free.


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