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How to “sell” by NOT selling on FB or anywhere else…

How to sell without selling?

Let’s say the person posting this item below (I don’t know who so I’ve no clue) were marketing a sleeping aid… a natural version.

(They are NOT doing that. Just pretend they are, OK?)

But of course the person knows that people who have trouble sleeping don’t know her, or her product or company name, and so she knows not to lead with that, online.

Because strangers just don’t respond to product names or images that they never heard of, by themselves. Marketers must put something out there to woo them in, first.

So this imaginary rep/partner offers something else to sleep deprived folks she doesn’t know – something aligned with her product purpose – to draw in her ideal customer prospects first. (Say she offers natural sleep aids.)

THIS type of post (below) to lead with is an example of how she’d stand out to her ideal customers, (if she were marketing a sleep aid product or program) – without leading with her product.

She’s leading with her product purpose – natural sleep help – to draw them in.

(Of course if YOU were doing this you’d not sell the plants, but show which plants help a person sleep.)

Why? To show you know more about overcoming sleep problems than just your product.

Establish yourself as a product purpose authority first.

That way others will more likely trust your specific sleep aid product recommendation.

See how that could happen for you if you did that too?

Well you can…

If you’re a DIY type, this example will get you going!

If you want help and specific step-by-steps, check out the Authority Marketer Program.

That’s what it teaches. Exactly how to do that.

Bonus: for folks who know they want to market like this and build giant lists of real potential customers, ask me for the Authority link in the comments. Put: “Authority Marketer link please!”

(And no it’s not $997.)

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Good until tomorrow (Sunday) midnight, PT. That’s mañana.

PS Owners of Authority: I’m doing a special live class for you, to give you tips as it relates to marketing like this for YOUR specific product and business. N/C for AM owners.

In the next week or two. 🙂


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