How To Turn Your Guests Into Rabid Fans

Everyone’s trying to sell their product or their business. Naturally the question on the brain is:

How do I sell my product?

But, judging by the results (95% drop out and most of those in either mlm or internet marketing don’t make enough money), that’s probably not the right question.

Another reason we need a new question: the guy who has created the most rabid fans around the world for his gadgets – Steve Jobs of Apple and iPhone – does not ask that question. Instead his question is: How can we amaze, delight and wow our customers with our product? (‘Our customers’ are the people who value what they make and are rabid fans – millions and millions around the world.)

That’s why Apple makes record sales, each quarter and for almost every product they launch. They wow people so much that they just wait in line to buy whatever new thing comes out.

What would happen to your business if you were to adopt that same focus? How do I create a wow experience for people at our next in-home? So cool that they go, “wow!”

(NOTE. You must be able to totally control the meeting to create a wow experience. All bets are off if someone other than you controls what happens – from the invitations to the meet to the order forms. Everything matters and a wow needs to be built in to every experience the guest has.)

Here are two small examples:

If you have a wow-product. Here’s a ‘wow’ product demo. This is a 9 minute excerpt of a 2 hour session. The first ‘wow’ occurs in the first 2.5 mins. Please turn on sound.

About 35% of the room bought the big package at the end. (The invitations and order forms were also ‘wow.’ What they didn’t do, show and tell in the event was another ‘wow.’ ) Disclosure: I’m currently the business trainer for this company. My friend Vic markets the line, and I made the video because I’m advising her and I’ve just learned to make movies.)

If you don’t have a wow-product. That’s any product that doesn’t give instant results that people can see or feel (by far most of the NM products).

Here’s a recent personal video. I made it as part of the new 8-class seminar, “How To Create a Wow Experience.” In this mini video (16 minutes), I describe something I did years ago to create wow moments for our guests. What you’ll see there was ONE of MANY things we did to create wow moments before, during and after throughout the event. (Lots of work, but fun and exhilarating. I just love to pull these off with my pals).

P.S. Many of you have been asking about getting the recordings of my new program, “How to Create a Wow Experience” (was also called, How Not To Be An MLM Loser). I expect to have these available Feb 15 or so. If you can control your own in-home or event, and want to be the first to get your hands on this new program email me here and put in subject: How to Create a Wow Experience.

Yes, they’ll be less than the cost of the live classes.

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