How to write a blog that pulls

Rule 1: Write thoughtful content. Here’s how.

“Do not write about your company and your products. Thought leadership content is designed to solve buyer problems or answer questions and to show that you and your organization are smart and worth doing business with. This type of marketing and PR technique is not a brochure or sales pitch. Thought leadership is not advertising.” in Scott, p 138 here.

This is NOT easy.

For the new start up I am part owner and marketing banana for, here’s a written ‘white paper’ (FIXED) with an extreme and new perspective on something most people might now know about their daily vitamins – a view that belongs to the product designer.
(It asks you for your email after the first page, to get the rest of it, but the first page is enough to give you the idea, if that makes you nervous.)

Second, here’s a little animated cartoon I did that’s going to kick off a weekly show to offer extreme tips to people trying to get their energy and health back. The show will market nothing. People’s problems are presented, with tips one can do in daily life.If you can’t see this, the You Tube version “I feel like crap” is here. (The new little show will have various sponsors, separate from the content.)

What kinds of things are YOU doing?

What are you writing, saying or showing to get interest from right people? Things that are not ‘about your company or your products’ but that present an interesting and different point of view about a related issue?

P.S. The start up is an affiliate based direct sales company. Not an NM or MLM.

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