"I had a Kathy Hartzell moment," said Vic

Today Vic and I were discussing a newspaper type of mailing that is going out to tens of thousands of women who buy supplements.

The paper has enough detail to be a “no surprise marketing” piece, so when people call in, they mostly say, “I’d like to place an order, please.”

The first time such a think happened to Vic two years ago, she was so surprised hearing that from the caller, that she lost her bearings momentarily. When the customer told her she wanted to place an order, “I had a Kathy Hartzell moment,” Vic quipped.

That’s a famous moment in my business years ago. We were doing a big phone campaign contacting only experienced networkers, and one of my leaders then, Kathy, called one of them with the usual script.

This gent surprised her and said, “Oh, great, that sounds good. It happens that I and several thousand of my team are looking because our company just went out of business.”

Kathy was so not ready for that reply she dropped the phone and ran to the bathroom. When she got back, he was gone.

She told us all, and we all laughed and laughed, knowing it could have been ANYONE of us, to totally unprepared for someone good at the other end of the line, who says, “Yes, maybe…tell me more.”

Are you ready for someone good at the other end of the phone when you’re making calls? Can you tell them in three sentences flat how the money is made with your pay plan? With no jargon or phrases no one understands but you or your upline?

Or will you have a Kathy Hartzell moment?

P.S. Kathy is doing well in a new company now, and I hope she won’t mind this friendly little poke – it’s all to help others learn to avoid this pothole.

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  • Thanks to Kim and the “Recruiting with Ads” Series I know what to say. I have put this to good use lately with putting ads in my local paper for about a month. The response is incredible.

    I haven’t yet gotten “The Skeptical Market Recruiter” but if it is like Kim’s other stuff. It is a boat load of great information.


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