I kept gambling, thinking that my ‘ace’ would…

gamblerThis is the story of Linda Cardwell, whose story won her a Customer Enchilada ticket ($649) in the New School of Network Marketing program starting September 9.

Here’s a little part of her story…

“I watched my overweight, very sick sister regain her health after losing 110lbs on her product. I couldn’t stop talking to others about her. I even showed her before and after picture to people I cared about who had been on the diet roller coaster for years. They became her customers.

When she showed me that I was sending her about $100 wk profit, I quit my job and signed up.

Big mistake – I needed income to help finance my new venture.

I soon ran out of warm market and was left trying to tackle the cold market. I got good results too and absolutely love the products. I was reasonably successful until I listened to the big upline about the need to recruit to make the money I was looking for.

I got involved in media marketing on a “wheel” (think of roulette) for leads. That was a disaster and very expensive. I kept “gambling” thinking that my “ace” would be in the next round of leads.

Now I’m trying desperately to build my customer base – around 20 who come and go thus far. I don’t have any who are consistent. The recruiting left me with $40,000 in credit card debt.

I’ve been doing this for 5 years now, and am starting to feel like a loser. My biggest problem is that I haven’t learned to find my own voice and be my own person…”

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