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“If you think your downline is your asset…wake up…”

“If you think your downline is your asset, you need to wake up
and read your distributor agreement.

“The company owns it. If you doubt that, try to recruit
your downline away into another opportunity and see
what happens. (hint: you’ll be sued.)…

“The reality is you are a 100 percent commission-based sales rep
who owns NOTHING, and by definition, ‘nothing’ can’t be a business.”
– Mike Dillard

How do you fix that?

Simple…You turn yourself into a business. You build “You Inc.” – Mike Dillard

I’ve taught this for 25 years: Let your NM company be an extension of who you
already are…so prospects join because of who YOU are – not who they are
(your company).

You’re NOT dependent on them in that case. Your business is about YOU and
what YOU can offer others. One thing being your products or opportunity.

But that’s not all you are. Remember that.

PS These comments from Mike are all the more painful by last week’s announcement of a 90 day suspension – with NO INCOME – of the top earning reps in perhaps the top skin care NM company last week…

PPS If you’re in your company because you’re looking to earn
enough to pay for your own products, none of this will matter to you…

But if you are looking and sweating to build an income that can replace
your job and then some, these thoughts will indeed matter as to
WHO you develop.

PS If you’re looking how to add big value to yourself AND market
that new YOU, check out my new program: 31 Days…

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