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I’m 59! I can’t wait 11 years, or 25 years!

I’m 59! I can’t wait 11 years, or 25 years!

That’s what Lulu said when I told her that Jordan Adler (#1 income earner at SOC) took 11 years (and 11 companies) before he made any money in Network Marketing.  Or, that it took me some 25 years to arrive where I am today – with a moderate following of folks who like the stuff I teach in this business and who will sometimes listen to my suggestions about a new venture I’m in.

Warning. This post describes some big time saving advantages to the business I’m
currently building – Empower.  The second and third time compressors here you might be able to
use with your current company, provided the tools are engaging and genuine,
not schmaltzy with actors who look and feel like they’re acting…

OK here goes…

Here are three ways to compress the time (and stress) it takes to earn the money you want.
Before I post these, remember this basic rule of business:

The less money you put into it, the
more manual work you must do.

OK here we go…

1. Make more per sale.

GOAL  Earn $100 per day.

Option A If you sell a $100 product, chances are you’ll earn
a commission (from your NM company) of 15-25%. Say 25%

=> You need to sell AT LEAST four per day, to earn $100.
($25 x 4 = $100 earned).

Option B. If you sell a $100 product, and they pay you a 100% commission, you’ll need to
sell one per day.

(With the pass-up blip in this program, you’ll average about 80%
on each $100 sale you make.)

What’s quicker: Making ONE sale or FOUR sales?

(Note. These super-high commissions are only possible with
online learning programs – videos, audios, PDFs, webinars – items
which do not have the normal cost to manufacture each time, and
then “deliver” to you.

Time Compressor #1: Earn WAY MORE per sale
of a same-priced product.

Might mean a change in what you market, yes. But if time really IS an issue for you,
making 100% on a sale will get you to your money goal much faster than earning 5-25%
on a sale of a same-priced product.  Yes?

2. Using a messenger service instead of being the messenger

Option A. You can call 600 leads in a day.  You talk to 100.  Make one sale.
You’re wasted.

Option B. You send those same 600 leads a group email with some engaging
content (I’ll help you), and a video link to the presentation.  Make one sale.
Takes about ten minutes of your time to send that email. (Videos are provided, and
lead capture pages are provided, same ones I use.)

Time Compressor #2: Use a messenger service
instead of being the messenger

3. No more FORMING everyone you meet. No more hitting up your
friends at every social gathering.

Option A. You accost (nicely) everyone you meet, and everyone you know, about
your business.  Same school I went to – for years – in this business.
Takes lots of time, it’s hard not to throw up on them. The stress associated
with this unpleasant activity is aging. Sometimes doing that costs
relationships you didn’t expect to lose.

Option B. You send those seem peeps (you get their email address only
when you meet, promising them you’ll email them something to check out,
that is IT) an engaging message (again, I’ll help you) and the link to the presentation.

Again, you’re talking 20-30 minutes TOTAL to get out those video presentations to
50 or 100 folks.  ALL of them. If they like it, they’ll opt in.  If not they won’t.

Any sales you get are likely to be about the same percent as if you had spent the
time making those presentations personally.  Plus you don’t even HEAR no.

I taught this very strategy from my first month in this industry: We called them
the Dear Friend Letters in those days (see the Truth book – hehehe). Advantage?

Nobody heard no.  Only yesses.  That feels soooo much better doesn’t it?
AND. The other person doesn’t have to tell YOU NO.  A stress-less option for
both you AND the other person.

 Time Compressor #3: No more FORMING everyone you meet. No more hitting up your
friends at every social gathering

It’s a new day.  The Internet might be able to help you. We’ve come a
long way in making it personal, engaging and effective. That’s why I’m
doing this myself. No one can tell the future, but so far, so good.

If time (and energy) are the #1 issues for you right now, this program might be
a godsend.  It certainly has been for me.  I’m still amazed I didn’t have to
“sell” any of the programs, including the wonderful $3,500 uber-marketing program.

See here what programs they offer. Start with $25.  (All five programs, together
total $5,125. To me a marvelous bargain for the information they offer a person on how
to earn significant income online.)

Start small.  Test it, see if you love it like I do…Or not.

PS. It’s been ten weeks.  I started this business because I really really wanted
big income, immediately.  I’m not 26 anymore.  After ten weeks, I’ve earned
$51,375.  Now I’m setting new goals.  I don’t know what you’ll do, no guarantees.
I’ll show you just what I did.  Want to test it?

I’ll show you if you’d like to test for $25.  Join here.


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