"I’m ready for the big time money now," Mimi said

In the previous post, you found out about Mimi – the gal who almost didn’t sign up nine years ago because she didn’t want to make money off the people, she just wanted to help them, she said.

Here’s part II of her story.

After nine years of being at the second highest position in her company, and with thousands of customers she’s helped now, she announced in class, “After all this time, I am NOW ready for some BIG money. Where are the big money people? How can I find them?”

If you were her upline, what kinds of people would you suggest she go after, so that she can achieve her current goal of making really BIG money?

Use the info from the previous post, Money aside, why else do you want to do this? as a guide. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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Kim Klaver


  • I would say to her find people just like her.
    People that love the products and want to help other people be healthy just like she did.
    With a couple of people just like her, she would be on top of the heap.


  • Surely a handful of people out of the thousands of customers would like to have a business that has thousands of customers.

    The only thing she needs to do is show a handful of people how to do what she did.

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