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    • I’ve never had to “sell the dream” because I’m customer focused. I sell the product 🙂 I think “the dream” runs flat for most when they realize it takes long hours and a lot of effort to achieve the dream…. So I guess it’s OK for a newbie to sell the dream but be honest. If this is a seasoned networker and they are still not living the dream then NO it’s not OK.

      Maybe the next question should be ……
      Who would you sign up with?
      Someone new to product-business.
      A founding rep who may or may not be successful. (There’s no way to know for certain if someone is successful!)

  • yes – as long as you are clear about your motives, and are working your business as if you believe it will help you achieve your dreams.. If it is just another trick to get a sale with no follow thru – no. Interestingly, my acupuncturist just thursday was telling me why she didn’t do MLM. Her biggest beef was the way ‘NWM’ers preyed on people’s belief and left them stranded.’ Interesting point of view.

  • Kim, I think it all depends on how you talk to people about “the dream”. I think if you are honest and transparent about your goals and aspirations and the plan you have to achieve your goals and to help others achieve and build their dream in the business and also you are transparent about what your current income is a the time you talk to them then I think it’s definitely okay to talk about your goals and dreams or “the dream”. Otherwise I think anyone with integrity can have some serious conscious or subconscious hold backs in being comfortable talking to others about building a business when we know we aren’t successful to the point we are stable and also know we can help someone else become stable in their own business. I think this is one of those things we are pushed to do in NWM and another big thing that contributes to the 95% drop out rate.

  • I don’t sell ‘The Dream’. I focus on getting customers. I do not hype or hound anyone.

    Having said that, if you can show someone how they can make a certain amount of money by getting customers, if they are indeed looking for extra income, then I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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