Is this how you talk?

“If you talked to people
the way advertising
talked to people, they’d
punch you in the face.”
Hugh MacLeod

Take a listen to what you actually say to someone, or read slowly the words you use to promote yourself and your business online. Think Hugh’s right?

Of course those that are too polite to punch you run the other way and monitor Caller ID so they never have to take your phone call again.

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Kim Klaver


  • Hugh is right and it goes along with some changes we’ve been sing in the landscape. Marketers need to learn to talk to people like they are talking to another person, not preaching about features.

    And WE as network marketers need to realized the same thing. We’ve been marketing and suggesting products and services all our lives. If we’d just talk to people in our normal tones and express what we like about it in english, we’d find people responding in a better way.

    Network Marketing Journey

  • Anybody mind if I chime-in with one of my self-righteous pain-in-the-ass preaches? No? Good…

    Of course HMC is right – he so often is. Years ahead of most of us, we can learn much from his stuff.

    I think if more Network Marketers were literally ‘punched in the face’ by those whom they subject to the usual bozosity, the world would be a better place – hell, maybe that’s what’s required for many to actually think about & modify their behavior.

    Being constructive, surely the point here is simple: deliver a direct message with the simplicity of truth.

    I’m not smart enough to have originated that, so here’s a (shameless self-promo) lead to the source.

  • Going to stir the pot here a bit. Yes, Hugh is right, and it’s why we have seen more ‘real person’ type commercials.

    However, the old in your face advertising must still work, because we still see it. The same can be said for Network Marketing. We understand there is a more approachable way to prospect someone, but old school must still be working too, because I still see it and see people successful with it. Go figure.

    ~Jhanna Dawson

  • I test my words on my 9-year-old son. If he relates to what I’m saying and “listens” I know I’m on the right track. He still doesn’t get my website name, HealthyPetNut but I still went with it.

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