Is your company woman friendly? Test #1.

Woman Friendly Test #1.

Do they pay you good money for finding customers for the products?

Are you a woman who has some trouble relating to the “recruit recruit recruit” model, with the constant emphasis on “closing” someone or on finding “big hitters”?

So do hundreds and hundreds of other women. They’ve told me over the years that they would really like to focus on getting steady customers for their business, at least right now. And THEN maybe, later, think about the recruiting.

The constant focus on recruiting is so loud many people ask if anyone even sells the product.

Believe it or not, every company has a product or service line they market, and they get independent distributors to help them do that. That’s the supposed business model.

So, let’s assume that your company has a product or service that you like enough so that you would use it, even if you weren’t selling it. OK?

That means there are theoretically TWO things you can do do make money in this business: find customers and recruit business builders.

And these two options are the reason for test #1. The only option promoted by nearly every company is finding business builders. Which is the option most men and a few women prefer. But if most women really like to find customers for products they love, where does that leave us?

This is no small thing. Remember, according to the Direct Selling Association, of the 13 million people involved in direct sales and network marketing, 80% are women. That’s 10.5 million of us versus 2.5 million of them. And the industry is growing.

And FYI, of those looking at this as a way to work from home, it’s also mostly women who flock to this. (Look around the room next time in one of the old fashioned “opportunity meetings.”)

So here’s a ridiculous situation: even though women make up 80% of the field, the thing most of us prefer to do is not promoted or given any value in sales training and opportunity meetings. It’s usually belittled. (“There’s no money in customers – the money is the recruiting” is all we seem to hear.)

That is not a bad thing in principle, because recruiting IS what the men and a few women like to do. It’s just that most women I have talked to over the years prefer finding customers. And that’s what is so weird:

Recruiting may be the thing men prefer to do, but not most women. And we’re 80% of the game.

Why would they leave us out like that?

Maybe we just haven’t spoken up. You know how we sometimes are – we figure, “It just be me.”

Ladies, if you are someone who wants to earn something of your own in this field finding regular customers, you can. There are companies who will support you and pay you right for it. You don’t have to do the recruiting game to make good money.

Most companies offer you decent pay for customers (but not all, so check yours), they just don’t promote that part of the business. Because those promoting the business are the recruiter types. And that’s OK. Leave them be.

You can make good money with steady customers in most companies. I’ll show you in future posts.

In my opinion, one of the best things about this industry is the cutting edge products you can get, in nutrition, in toxic free home cleaninig products, all sorts of things. I buy them as often as I can. Why not, as a woman, take advantage of that if you want to, and get paid to find steady customers for them? (Customers who are NOT also business builders – JUST CUSTOMERS. )

There ARE such companies. You may already be in one. Else find one.

NEXT: Test #2: Do they pay you enough to make it worth getting the customers in the first place?

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Kim Klaver


  • compensation plans must’ve been set up by men, also. I’m currently looking at a nutritional supplement company using the binary compensation plan and whew!..i’m lost. i’m not number-phobic either, but i get left behind on the first power leg. my real question is, if i sign up for 1 business center vs. 3, am i really losing out that much, assuming i plan the work and work the plan. i’m very close to the bone financially and feel a little leery about commiting myself to the responsibility of 3 biz centers before i have a chance to see how this goes. any thoughts?

  • Hi Jan:

    What does this company pay you when you bring in customers? After you get a biz center, I mean?

    Do you love the products?

    Review Woman-Friendly Test #1 and 2 and you’ll have your answer to your question. I’d be leery, too.

    Don’t let anyone pressure you to spend money you don’t have when you told them you’re not sure about what you’re doing. You need an upline who acts like an advisor, instead of a high pressure salesman.

    Start slowly if you’re not sure what you’re getting into.

    But before you do anything else, see if they’re woman friendly and customer friendly – per the first two tests I posted here.



  • Kim, thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Your comments are most helpful.

    I’m 90% sold on the company (a woman-friendly list of companies would be MOST helpful). It’s cutting edge and promotion-friendly, but in one of your tapes you did mention a high rate of rescidivism in the supplement industry among customers, but that’s true in a lot of companies involved with any kind of personal care, so I can’t get bogged down in that. My upline is not hypey at all, but I am mindful that she is doing her job. My job is to ask the right questions and you’ve helped me to clarify my thoughts so I can do that.

    Women like me have to learn to cut to the chase and ask the questions that will give us the answer of “what’s in it for me?” More business education would go a long way towards making that easier for women. I’ve been working for almost 40 years in all kinds of entreprenuerial situations and I STILL try to bend myself around situations instead of looking for a good fit first.

    Appreciate your sage advice.

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