Is your company woman friendly? Test #3.

Test #3. Do they value small, steady earners or not?

Is all the hoopla from your company and upline about the “big hitters”?

Is all the recruiting and sales training aimed at those who are drawn in with the promises of earning $3-5,000+/mo?

Given what we know about who’s in the business, and what they prefer, that’s not a woman friendly sign.

80% of those in the business are women.

Here’s why that matters. Women by and large tell me that of the two things one can do to earn money in this business, i.e. getting customers and getting business builders, they prefer to get customers. Steady, regular customers for the product or service.

That means smaller income, and more steady income. And it’s also more easily attainable.

See for yourself. What are there more of for a good product – people who want to buy it or people who want to sell it?

That’s why it’s easier to find customers than business builder-type folks. There are so many more customers for any good product than people who want to sell it. And most women say they prefer to spend their time getting customers. Not finding sales people (business builders) – at least not in the beginning.

Is anyone listening? We’re not just some fringe element here – WE ARE 80% of the game, ladies.

There’s mad money and nylon money in customers in plain view – I mean in your lifetime. If someone can earn say, $7.50 on monthly product sales of $50, then with 10 customers, she’d get $75/mo. EACH MONTH. If she got 100 customers, she’d earn $750/mo for each month the other women continue ordering.

How many women do you think would quit if they’re earning $100/mo? Each month? Or $750?

It’s not “big hitter” income, but does it keep her in the business and protect your income if you are her sponsor and friend?

What is your company doing to promote, edify and recognize small, steady earners – most of whom are women?

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