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Without leads, your business cannot grow. One of the most popular type of leads you’ll buy for your MLM business is “telephone verified.” I’ve paid from $2-$30 each for these.

For the past month or two, I’ve been looking for leads that don’t waste my time.

I called about 30 telephone verified leads this past month, from a reputable online firm. Paid $3/each.

Personally called each one – about 5 per day.

1) 12 were not at the numbers anymore
2) 19 had no life force. No energy. Were not ready do anything other
than what they were doing.
3) One with medium life force said her house had just burned down.

The big qualification? They were telephone verified. Sounds good, right?
But terrible results anyway. What gives?

Well, last night we had a revelation. A leads specialist told us,

“When you hear, ‘These leads are telephone verified!’ here’s what
you know -They have a telephone.”

Oh.  Obviously, a person can tell an interviewer anything over the phone, and
there’s no way for the interviewer to know if it’s true or not. So ‘telephone verified’
is not enough. And maybe not even necessary. Turns out there is a better way.

What he said was something Frank Kern stated some years ago: When you are marketing
something special, are the people you are marketing it to, already buyers of
similar products or services? If not, they’re not your market.

If you try to sell high end skin cream at $59 to someone who’s happy with
a $6 jar of Ponds cream, that person is not your market. Because they are
not buying products like what you are selling.


Same with leads. For biz opp leads, here is the best qualifier I have heard
so far (for ‘cheap’ leads):

Someone who has just bought info about learning to set up a
home based business. Money talks louder than words.

We are testing these buyer leads now, fun. Second, we’re using a
a way to reach them that guarantees a 100% open rate.

Obviously, that is NOT email.

PS. Email me if you are in the market for some leads testing.
100% open rate guaranteed (not email). Not cheap. Not expensive.
Tell me if you have ever worked leads before. It happens to be an affiliate
type of program. If this bothers you, do not message me. It’s how these
leads happen to come. 🙂

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