"Like a dream come true"

Just in from our friend Seth Godin…who found this business building mission statement:

“What could I build that would be a like a dream come true for independent musicians?”

He adds…

“If your business is a dream come true for customers, you win. Game over.”

And for us to consider:

“Too often, I hear about businesses that just might be a dream come true for their owners, but hardly for the people they seek to recruit or the customers they hope to snare. What do your prospects dream of? What would get them to wait in line?

Try it. Take your business building mission statement (above) and replace “musicians”with YOUR specific audience. I.e.

“What could I build that would be a like a dream come true for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxs?”

Who is “x”? Use Comments below.

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Kim Klaver


  • That is the essence of a successful business. If you can provide exactly what people want, and to make their lives easier, then you will have no problem making $$.

  • All of us trying to make money on the internet want customers who keep returning. It is the customers satisfaction that brings them back and software, information and more that keeps that hanging around. Now its trying to put it together and making it work for the customer.

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