Lulu traffics in upscale products

Lulu believes her product line is really specially formulated by special people. It’s upscale, not Wal-Mart variety. Of course it costs more than the Wal-Mart variety as well.

Her upline insists she pitch it to everyone she knows and meets and extoll its wonders. She’s done that, and most everyone told her no – “It’s too expensive!” Now she’s ready to quit.

Suggestions on how Lulu can successfully market her product in her lifetime, anyone?

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Kim Klaver


  • Lulu needs to get you “If My Product…” book ASAP and learn to lead with her hot button, before she ends up in the networkmarketing graveyard either paying for highly expensive therapy sessions or blogging online about how MLM is a scam!



  • Everyone Lulu knows and meets doesn’t share her same beliefs in her products. Most everyone she talked to are Wal-Mart shoppers if they told her no “it’s too expensive”.

    Lulu is looking for a very specific group of people who want was she has…An upscale product that is specially formulated by special people.

    Instead of “pitching it” to everyone she knows she could ask for referals. Saying something like: “I market a xyz product that is specially formulated by special people. It costs a bit more than your Wal-Mart variety but it’s also of much higher quality. Do you know someone who might be interested in a product like that?”

  • P.S. I just got your “If My Product’s So Great How Come I Can’t Sell It?” and your “3 Scripts Course”. Pretty cool stuff!
    Lulu definitely needs that.

    Thanks for everything!

    Ilka ;o)

  • Lulu needs to tell people her product is for people who will pay more for something that is really special and not run-of-the-mill.

    Just stop going to the discount store shoppers. Her products will be too expensive for them.

    She needs to find people like her. People who are concerned about their health, skin or whatever. These are the ones to buy her special, not cheap product.

    She needs to find people looking or interested in her size 8 product. Everyone will not be a fit for every product or business.

    Maybe she could start advertising on igaggle with us and learn the way we are, think?


  • Hmmm, I’ve heard those same words myself. GOOD question.

    Like a few have already said, READ that book “If My Products…”

    Being on the road from home to see our son & family (10 hours away) has afforded both myself and my husband quality time to listen to the CD’s and mp3’s – and we will be doing that again next month. VERY important to listen, learn, and (dare I say it) PRACTISE! (okay, it isn’t quite a 4 letter word but almost!)

    And trust your ‘inner feelings’. If you feel you are forcing the subject of your products then you are and DON’T.

  • This is so 10 years ago. Why are these people not doing internet marketing – building a customer base – in order to do that you need to pre-qualify so many people it is really hard to do with the limited amount of people you meet in daily life. I work for a company where the customers call you at home to place orders – that is much easier and then you can use leads or what other reach out method you want to use without alienating your friends and family. You also need a good leads capture system – something that will expose your people to your product or opportunity several times – one or two times is not enough. Juliette Gray

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