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Lulu uses Ponds cream for $6/per jar…

Lulu uses Ponds cream for $6 a jar. Happy with it.

You come along and offer your face cream – for $79 a bottle.

What’s going to happen inside Lulu’s brain?


too expensive2

You’re happy with your Chevy Blazer for $20K.

A friend of a friend says they just bought a Range Rover –
for $75,995. And she LOVES it.

Would you run right out and buy one? 🙂

Bottom line for (y)our own mission in getting 100 Customers in 100 Days:

Find and ask for people who ALREADY spend $80/bottle or $90/tube for
skin care cream. Or who are INTO high-end cars. Like me for example.

There’s no shock to their system when they hear the big prices. They
already HAVE those values – for THOSE kinds of products.

It’s about positioning your product, when you talk about it.

No, not as “the best, most amazing, breakthrough blah blah blah…!”
since everybody else already says that, including the low-enders.

Come up with phrases big spenders relate to … spa quality, for example, or
luxury car…That – coming up with THOSE phrases which position your product
properly – is what you’ll get paid for – big. Also called “marketing”.

You can do this for any product line you market.

And attract those to you who ALREADY buy similarly valued or
similarly priced products in that category.

See how that works?

Lead with the values first.

Then you won’t need all the usual cliches like “it’s the best, most wonderful,
amazing, breakthrough etc etc etc” phrases.

We’re ALL sick of hearing those words.

Would you like a little more info on exactly how to do this?

There’s an explainer workshop that walks you through this
…If you want…That’s where the above image is from. Ha.



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