Make your site visible part 2

Update on previous post, How to get visibility for your blog or website

Do you have or plan to have a website or blog, or any Internet presence – where you get to write your stuff?

That’s not easy, but it’s easier than getting the two payoffs from doing that work: 1)have your site be visible and 2)attract your audience. Here’s one eBook I can recommend that shows you step by step how to do just that, here.

I’ve dog-eared half the pages (up to page 97 of 328 now) and am looking into many of the extraordinary resources within the book. It’s the most useful and enlightening information I have read on this topic in the last five years – I mean on making your site attractive to your own audience.

Anyway, just wanted those of you with a little inner geek like me, to know that. I read constantly, and I can’t remember being this happily impressed with things I can do myself to improve my stuff.

Good news for non-readers: the eBook is all short sentences with easy, normal every day language.

OK that’s all. Had to tell you as I’m about to get into the next 30 pages. You can download it and start reading right now.

I’m printing out 30 pages at a time. 328 pages. A treasure.

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim I bought the ebook because I do what to improve my blog and websites. I also enjoy reading and can’t go a day without reading online and books. My focus has always been for animals but now I’m finding things like this ebook you thankfully told us about. Now it’s a win-win situation. I can write my pet blog and learn ways to improve it for my audience. This is exactly what I asked about in an earlier comment, How to write my blog to make it more about the readers? Or in other words how to make it news worthy for my readers. I want to offer real information about pet care while sometimes mixing in very non-related subjects, like the post I did on The Free Hugs. This post touched a few people who actually called and thanked me for giving them a hug.

    I wrote more than I intended, I’m just so excited about this book.


  • I am reading it right now myself. I am about to redesign a website for a new client and help them with their SEO, so no better time like now. Thank you for sharing this Kim.

  • Hi Kim

    I’ts funny you are recommending this book at this time, I was reading information on this book the other day. It sounds like a good book for me to get, since my blogg is about Net Marketing and Websites, could be a nice link to put up for my readers as well.

    Thanks Kim

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