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Marketers: Big No-No…


What NEVER EVER to tell a new audience
that doesn’t know you or your product…

“The name of your product
means nothing
to a person who
has never seen it before. ..

So keep your product name out of
sight and be wary about using a prominent logo.” – Gene Schwartz,
copy-writing super author and advertising guru.

If you’re talking about your product or your company to
your own company reps, no problem
. But if you’re talking or
advertising to anyone OUTSIDE that circle, your product and
company names mean nothing
That goes for one-on-ones, email marketing, landing
pages, and ALL social media marketing.

Slapping your company name and logo on your FB

page guarantees you will have fewer people coming back.
Outsiders (that’s who you’re targeting, yes?) don’t care about
your company name or your company logo. 

Leading with what people don’t care about is a great way
to damage you chances of getting their ear, or eye, ever again.

PS Do you know how Mr Rogers “sold” his program and got $20 Million?
And NEVER mentioned the company name?

See him (Suze Orman introduces…) do it, here.

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