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MLM Today: Does Anyone Answer the Phone Anymore?

If you’re like most people, you don’t answer your phone anymore for strangers or sales peeps.

And if you’re like most people, you scroll thru the non essential email – thinking – maybe later. And later new email fills up your screen.

Goodbye previous day’s email…


But.  If you, as a marketer, cannot connect with most prospects
– especially leads – by phone or email, to introduce your business anymore,
what do you do?

(Yep BNI and similar in-person meet ups are great but I’m talking about
phone and email options here.)

Yesterday an older gent was in tears, telling me “I’m sick sick sick of
leaving messages!” (For the last 7 months he got nothing but VM.
He made 30-50 cold (lead) calls a day.)

I am testing some old fashioned (but leveraged) strategies to find ways around
this connection problem in today’s new environment.

1. Something weird that gets 100% open rate.
And it’s not email or SMS.

2. “Buyer leads” versus telephone-interviewed leads.
People who have just bought info on how to set up a home based business.
Boy, biiiiiig difference in reaching the peeps.

Will keep you posted.  So far so good. Especially the 100% open rate trick.

What are you doing – as a network marketer – to get around the ‘nobody
picks up the phone!’ or ‘nobody responds to my emails’ thing?

PS. Email me or “message” me here if you want in on what we’re doing.
Subject: ‘100% open rate + old-fashioned approach‘ and I’ll connect
with you. Include 1) the name of your company, and 2) have you worked
leads in the past 3 years?

PPS. If you are part of my current testing programs, don’t give
anything away. This is for my other readers who might be trying other stuff.
Love to hear and discuss.

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Kim Klaver


  • The answering machines and voice mail have become effective “screeners” for good cause. The telemarketers have become a huge nuisance spoiling any legitimate attempt at cold calling. Any method to crack that outer shell is welcome news.

  • This IS a huge problem. I’m considering joining an mlm company and starting all over, and the one thing holding me back is this. I’m looking forward to hearing about your research Kim, using other, “old fashioned” techniques. I miss the days of being able to buy a good list of leads and cold calling. I liked targeting specific geographic areas and would pay a lot for good leads, but suspected it didn’t work anymore. Your article confirms my suspicions. It’s been more than three years since I did it. It isn’t just telemarketers who have ruined it; it’s also autodialers and other factors. “Social networking” feels phony to me, and it’s too public. Fax blasting worked great. I got the best results using fax flyers with “fax back forms”. Obviously those days are long gone. It was fun!

    • i believe the mlm world is changing from the front end commission approach with perpetual recruiting, huge breakage (dropouts), annual and monthly fees, and being your own best customer. i have found an mlm lite with none of these features. if you have even an inkling of curiosity, drop me a line.

  • Most of my customers are through BNI, and meeting face to face. It happens that my products are very well received by just about every one. I usually have to follow up several times, but after they send a free card they open an account. I am working on higher volume, or more meetings (Usually via phone) per day. That is why I would like more leads.

  • So Kim, when do you think the current testing might be completed? Looking forward to people who really are ready to do something and just want to find a good fit. Thanks

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