MLMers: Whose responsibility is customer service?

Let’s say customer service means making customers feel special. So much that if they ever need any product that you sell, they look forward to calling you.

Is it your responsibility to provide that kind of customer service, for customers or recruits you brought in? OR

Is keeping every customer feeling special and happy the company’s job?

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And if you say both you, the rep, and the company, who is responsible for what?

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Kim Klaver


  • You've just signed up to be a distributor in the XYZ Company. Why? Did you want another job with another employer; or did you want a chance to be self-employed and run your own show?

    Hopefully, the second option came into play. So, whose business is it? Is it YOUR business, or is it XYZ's business? What is your relationship to XYZ? Are they an employer or are they a supplier?

    If you opened a traditional brick-and-mortar retail business, your suppliers would not be responsible for the quality of your customer service. The customers are yours. For whatever reason, they came to you, not to your supplier.

    There is no difference for you in XYZ. You are responsible for the customer service and their experience with you and your products. XYZ is your supplier.

    So focus on treating your customers right. As far as they are concerned, you ARE the company.

  • I definitely didn't get into business to have another job. I chose a network marketing company because I didn't want the hassles of a traditional retail start up.

    Here, my principle job is marketing.

    However, I feel my job is also to make sure that whoever I deal with feels like they are better off after having contacted me. They should feel like they took something positive away with them whether they bought/signed up with me or not. That leaves a good impression about me AND my company.

    While I don't feel that I can control how my company handles things administratively, including customer service, I can control how I conduct myself as the company's rep.

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