More women giving up work outside the home

The New York Times reported that women are “stretched to the limit” raising a family and working outside the home, and that they are choosing to stay home more these days, after four decades of marching to work.

“Most of us thought we would work and have kids, at least that was what we were brought up thinking we could do — no problem,” Ms Stason-Short said. “But really we were kind of duped. None of us realized how hard it is.” (New York Times 3.2.06 P.1)

With more women opting out of work outside the home (usually a 10-hour day including commuting), might there be more women who who’d like to spend 5-10 hours per week doing something of their own from home?

After all, there will be many who miss doing something of their own, or who’d like that added income, or those who want a social life outside their home. Aren’t they good candidates for a little home based business of their own that takes a relatively small start up cost and can be done where and when they can fit it in?

After all, where else can you have the chance to build up something for yourself from home over the years, that’s flexible to your schedule, that you can use just in case?

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