Mr. Mark wrote me today…

Can helper-healers make big money?

Sometimes people think that the only people who can bring in the big money are those who are focused on it.  But that would be a wrong conclusion.

Too much focus on the income can actually lose a person money. Focus on values, done right, brought one gent $20 million in 6 minutes.

Compare these opening statements.

1. Mr. Rogers before the Senate, 1969.  One of his first sentences:

“I care deeply about children.”

Compare that to Mr. Mark’s opening statement to me today (email), and to many others, hoping to persuade me to give him my money, my time, and my contacts and buy into his business.

“My business: 
My leads are FREE
I do “NO Selling”
Auto-Pilot Sales 24/7
When they enroll I make an instant $1497
So will YOU!”

2. Mr. Rogers second point:

“My first children’s program was on X station 
fifteen years ago…”

We instantly know Mr. Rogers’ experience and level of interest in his topic.

Mr. Mark had no statement of his experience or how long he’d been doing his business, or how successful he’d been in any way a person could easily verify, like with Mr. Rogers’ statement.

3. Mr. Rogers stated how his approach was different, and therefore deserved support from those with like-views:

“We deal with such things as – as the inner drama of childhood. We don’t have to bop somebody over the head to make drama on the screen...”

Mr. Marks had no statement of how his approach was different. Just income promises if you bought in, too.

That’s not to say Mr. Mark doesn’t speak to certain folks, he does.  But it’s not helper-healers.

If that’s who you are, you might want to learn helper-healer language like Mr. Rogers spoke.  It got him $20 million in 6 minutes.  No hype. No promises of any kind.  Just a value statement and how his approach was different.  And how it was needed by folks with certain values (non-violence) when educating children.

If values are what you are about with your business, consider joining the helper-healer marketing program before we close it down. I (happy to say) am close to maxing out the number of folks I can personally help.  That’s because the program comes with a year-long coaching program by me, and my associate, Vicki Link.  She’s the gal who had the big in-home where she had 70 confirmed and 96 showed up. Once this program is full, I don’t know when I’ll be able to offer it again.

PS.  Just got this note from a new Helper-Healer Member:


My husband just sold his drum set to purchase this course for me as a surprise. He knows I love the products, he knows I want to help others with those products, and he has seen me struggle with finding a truthful, authentic way to do this business. I scare people away with my fears of “selling”! Kim, I already feel so much better just after watching the first video. Thank you.”

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