Multi-tasking: curse or advantage?

Most of us try to do several things at once. Talk on the phone, check email, respond to email, give instructions to people around us, and try and work on a project. Usually all at the same time.

This might feel pretty cool at the time, but at the end of the day, many people plop down and ask, “Where has the time gone? I was so busy but didn’t really DO anything.”

Multi-tasking: curse or advantage? Here from NBC news…

“When you multitask, your mouth may be moving but often your brain is somewhere else.” – NBC News: The Myth of Multi-tasking

Who hasn’t experienced that?

Here’s what one very creative and successful web designer and entrepreneur says: Do one thing at a time, if it’s worth doing. Be here now, be somewhere else later.

Here’s this gent’s delightful reminder of being focused on what matters, and tips to doing that in our over-busy world.

Doing less and getting to focus is indeed more, judging by the results and satisfaction we get.


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  • Sometimes doing one thing at a time allows me to “check” it off my list, therefore, feeling that I am totally “done” with a task.


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