My 90-Day Experiment: Act Wealthy to Attract Wealth?!

We will take 100. Sign up to play here.

Will ten of you do something with me each day for 90 days? No promises.

Three days ago, I made a commitment to do two small things each day for 90 days. Two things that I have learned all (extremely) wealthy people do. Since these two things don’t require buying anything, it was easy to say yes. Well, sort of. See below.

I am now on day four. I’ve observed a 30% increase in income for day one and day three, and 50% for day two. My skeptical brain says that’s just too soon and too good to be connected to this new practice, so I’ll monitor each day and update you every ten days or so.

First let me tell you what this is not: it’s not the “fake it till you make it” pretend lifestyle. You know, those who beg borrow or steal so they look good in front of the room – to entice the unsuspecting new prospects who want that also.

Most of the fakers end up bankrupt. So this is NOT that.

I’m doing two things.

1. Create a Wealth Account – 5%. (Yes, this is obvious but I’ve never done it.)

Three nights ago, I set up a separate bank account, named Wealth Account. Each day that money comes in from any source I put 5% into that wealth account. Literally. On the day anything comes into my bank account, I sit down and transfer 5% into this new Wealth Account. I’ve done that now three days in a row. There’s a tiny stash in the WA now.

2. Create a Give Account – 5%. (I have only given sporadically over the years.)

Confession: My brain IMMEDIATELY RESISTED this.) Only after I realized it would be a small amount, and that all wealthy people do it, did I cave. OK, for 90 days I’ll do it. After all, the money is still in MY bank account, right?

So that same night, I set up a Give Account. I also set that at 5%. I’ve put 5% into it each day from my online businesses. It has a tiny stash now too, same as the WA.

Is your brain going, Hey! I need every dime I take in to cover my bills and I can barely do it now! Are you NUTS??? I should GIVE IT AWAY?

And then I realized the secret: talk is cheap (yes, including daily affirmations). Doing is what controls your psyche, and the aura others sense coming from you.

When you sit in front of your computer and physically transfer 5% of whatever comes into your hands or account into your Give Account (without expecting anything in return), your brain thinks you must not be needy. And it takes on a new attitude.

That daily practice (or weekly or however often money comes into your hands or bank account) keeps right on sending signals to your brain – and right through your body to others – that you are not desperate or needy.

In a negotiating session who has the upper hand? The one who needs it desperately or the one who can do without it?

I don’t know what will happen over the next 90 days, but I’ll keep you posted. So far:

Today is day four. I’ve observed a 30% increase in income for day one and day three, and 50% for day two. My skeptical brain says that’s just too soon and too good to be connected to this new practice, so I’ll monitor each day and update you every ten days or so.

Will ten of you do this with me just to see what happens? You don’t need to believe it will do anything at all for it to have an affect. Just DO IT with me for 90 days and we’ll report to the world.

Comment below – no user name or password necessary. Put your email so we can connect. I might set up a separate web page for this experiment so we can see what happens.

P.S. I am HAVE setting up a special page to enter track the results here. You coming? We will accept first 100 who want to commit to this experiment with us. The more the merrier.

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Kim Klaver


  • I'm very curious to see what happens and I will do this with you. And if this will work abroad too… ๐Ÿ™‚ chriscreaclub at gmail dot com

  • P.S. seriously think of what you're "gift account" will be used for. If you keep the thought that it is still yours – it's not really a gift.

  • Christel – works anywhere in the world where someone wants more wealth than they have…probably would work with beans, too, if you know what I mean.

    Welcome to the 90 day wealth experiment!

    Carol – welcome to ya, girl. Yes, I know – my brain went through the "well it's still mine" to enable the other part of the brain to DO it. Now, that feeling is gone. It got me past the hurdle of doing it at all, though, you know?

  • My husband and I have been doing this for several years now, even when we felt like we were flat broke. Only we give 10% and actually write the check each week to our church. It's called tithing and I believe it is the only place in the Bible where God encourages us to test him.

    The exact verse is "Bring the whole tithe (10% of your earnings) into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this," says the Lord Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it." – Malachi3:10

    I have to say, we are pleased with the results! He continues to place more people and more opportunities in our path every day. And where it used to be a little troubling to write the checks, now it is a joy; especially when the amount we're giving away is higher than usual!

    Creflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland have some great teachings on this subject on their websites. Good luck with your experiment! What goes around really does come around…



  • I'm in! I've been thinking of doing something like this for many months, but was too afraid to start.
    Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the "experiment".

    email: steve.sponseller at gmail dot com

  • Kim….My life has suddenly changed radically and I am into huge change. At nearly 60 I am going to be on my own again. This is such a timely thing that it happened today the same day that my husband is moving his stuff out of our bedroom. Step one in the process of separation. So I am game for this! A new beginning for me and help to someone else. Funnily enough I left enough in my account to start this off today. I hope you don't mind but I don't want to broadcast this to the world, hence anonymous publicly!

  • Count me in! I start every week to do this and get side tracked. Maybe being accountable to others will keep me on track. Thanks, Kim!

  • I already do this, using 10%: I have a separate savings account to shift money into, but the giving is done by simply writing the check on Sundays for my tithe.

    However, I really like the idea of instantly transferring the money over into its own "giving" account — and then it will have its own set of checks that I can write to my church or whatever other organization I want to donate to.

    Very cool idea!!! "Give, and it shall be given unto you…" and that goes for our time and energy and love as well as our money.

  • Hi Kim — Count me in. I have a check due on the 3rd, and I'll put 5% into my savings account. Then each time it gets to $25 I'll gift it to KIVA.
    Thanks for a great idea, and a chance to make a difference!!

  • I am in… Need to get accounts set up tomorrow because I want these at a new bank. This is such a great experiment. I will decide who is going to get my give money!


  • I use red envelopes to put my money in perspective….is that ok??? Do I leave the give account money in there for 90 days or can I give it out????? Thanks

  • Hello Kim, I have done this for the past few years, but with little consistancy, and have had some great experiances. I can't imagine whats going to happen when I stick with this for 90 days. please count me in, my next check comes in on Sept. 4th my 90days will start then. Should I wait to give the money to a charity at the end of experiment?
    Or do we doing as we go??
    Thank You Ricardo

  • Hello Kim, I have tried this in the past with no kind of consistancy and had some great experiences, I can only imagine whats going to happen when I stick with this for 90 days. Do I wait to give the GIVE account at the end or as we go?? My next money comes in on Sept. 4th thats when my 90 day count down will begin
    Thank you Ricardo

  • That's a great suggestion Kim. I already have a jar where I put (usually) 10% when I get money. I am on disability and I haven't been taking 10% of that check, but I'll start doing it with ALL money that comes to me. Now I have to give it out because lately I have been "dipping" into it for "emergencies".

  • I read your post earlier today, Kim, and immediately tried to post a "count me in," but couldn't get in. Looks like you have your ten already, so I will watch your posts about this "experiment" and I'll do it too. I already have a 5% "Give Account," though I didn't give it that name. Now I'll add the 5% Wealth Account. Life is such a fascinating journey!

  • Bryant – you come right in. We'll take everyone who gets in by WED because that's when I hope to have a page set up for folks to enter their doings and results. Should be fun…

  • It is like a mini movement. How many can you inspire, Kim? What a great start. I see 100 – maybe you will even get 200 or more! Such is the power of your following.

    It is going to be an easier one to do… Much easier than getting recruits or making sales… And this might just generate what we are looking for… good karma. Namaste!

  • My wife Julie and I have done this since we got married 18 years ago, except we've done 10% and 10%.

    Back then, we were both undergrads paying for our own education. Our basement "studio" apartment cost $185 including utilities, we didn't have a car (for the first 3 years of marriage), and our total weekly grocery bill was $25.

    I guess my point is two fold:

    1) You don't need a lot of money to start saving and giving, and

    2) If you start early and get in that habit (of living below your means), it is MUCH easier than if you try to start later in life.

    Let that be a lesson to the youngsters reading this! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)
    Slight Edge Sponsoring

    . . . . .

  • Hi! Great idea Kim. Like many people I have tried this in the past but failed to be consistent. I welcome the acountability – count me in! Mark

  • Well this fits right in with my fall plan. Count me in. Action does speak louder than words and I've just been talking lately.


  • Hi! – Great idea Kim. Like many people I have tried this in the past but have not been consistent. I like the idea of acountability, so count me in! Mark

  • I was also going to comment on the 10% tithe. Of course this only applies to people who believe in biblical principles, but it is something I started doing 8 yrs ago when I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

  • Hi Kim – I'm in – I it will give me the incentive to really do it. And I think opening up separate accounts is the only way I can do it, otherwise it will get spent! Thanks for the challenge! Jan

  • I'm in too. I have made half hearted attempts in the past so – "I declare today 31Aug09 to be my start day". Thanks Theresa Taylor for passing this on. Dana Rederis

  • I am excited to join this experiment! I need a financial miracle right now so will start today. Thanks for the opportunity!
    email: paula143 at hotmail dot com

  • Great experiment Kim!
    I have never had a savings plan of action so that will be a good step forward but we have always tithed which is giving 10% of our weekly earnings to charity (as directed in the bible); the understanding being that all we receive is from G-d and we are simply giving Him back what was already His.
    In addition, in following this directive, we are affirming our faith (in action and not mere words) that we will be provided for.
    On the flip side,when people do NOT give a minimum of 10% to charity, it is as if they are keeping what is not theirs. They will often then find they lose the money anyway but that it gets lost for undesirable reasons…such as paying parking fines, losing items, having things stolen etc heaven forbid.
    There are many people who have the practice of keeping charity boxes in the home such that they can give money away regularly in a physical form such that they use their limbs for doing a good deed. Many people give charity in the name of a person who is unwell G-d forbid. Many give charity daily before they pray and there are of course a million other times when it is good to think of the needs of others.
    It has even been written that when asked for help on the street, it is better to give, even if only a small amount, than to say "no" as one must harden one's heart in order to ignore the pleas of another.
    For the same reason of refining one's heart to be sensitive to others, it is considered better to give one dollar daily, than to give ten dollars once every ten days.
    When we don the mantle of kindness and consideration, it eventually becomes an inseparable part of ourselves.
    More and more people are even affixing their charity boxes to a wall in their house such that the act of charity is now a physically permanent fixture.
    Thanks for a idea, happy saving and happy giving!
    G-d bless,
    Jackie Rozenfeld(Australia)

  • This is a good start to change attitude about money. I want in for this experiment.



  • Kim,

    I started doing this about four years ago when I listened to a set of CDs by T. Harv Eker. The only difference is that I do 10% for my Financial Freedom Account (which is what Eker suggests you call it) and I do 10% in tithing according to Biblical principles. I tithe 10% straight off the TOP – the GROSS – and while it is scary sometimes I have never failed to be able to pay my bills, even when it looked a bit hairy. If you don't mind someone who has already been doing it participating, then yes, I would love to continue the journey with like-minded folks.

    As a sidenote, I also try to find someone that I can send a meaningful heartfelt thank you or thinking of you card to every day. I find the joy in doing that and the "good vibes" I send out come back to me many-fold.

  • I'm in. If you don't already know them, you would love the teachings of Abraham via Esther and Jerry Hicks. The Art of Allowing, etc. Abraham teaches that we must become a vibrational match for that which we want to attract – – which is what your experiement is achieving.

  • Kim,

    I started direct deposit of 10% giving (to my church) last month so all I need to setup is my 5% wealth account. I can tell you my income has increased over 60% so I know without a doubt your experiment will have huge and wonderful results…I'm in…bevs at itsabreeze dot biz

  • Kim:

    This is very true. Over the past year (although logic and figures seemed to indicate otherwise) we decided to 1) put 10% into savings and 2) regularly tithe (minimum 10% of income) to our church.

    The income has grown sufficiently that we are paying cash (not more loans) for our son's college tuition.

    This exercise can be readily found in Proverbs – so it is well proven!

  • 5% of whatever money comes into your hands or your bank account. So whatever you get, that's what you take 5% of.


    To play, a person has to post to this blog – an email reply won't do it. This way you learn to post, too.


  • OK, my uncle put me onto your newsletter and for some reason this is the one and only I've opened so far since getting them. That in my book is a sign. I am scared b/c all money coming in isn't even paying my business bills so I have to say my fear around this is huge! I will commit (gulp) to 90 days.


  • Kim, I posted yesterday, but evidently it didn't make it through. I opened the two accounts today and consider Sept 1, 2009 a great day to start. A few years ago I advertised in the back pages of a book re-published by Jeff Combs, written by Phil Laut, called 'Money is my Friend'. He proposed much the same system.

  • I have read many books in the past regarding this principle, but never quite managed to put it into action. I welcome being part of your community in this "experiment"!

    pattivillasenor at webbforce dot com

  • Am I too late to join? If not, will play anyway. I am familiar with the concept, but the idea of doing it daily is different. The total amount that
    I donate monthly to some good causes is already slightly over 5% of my pension. But the whole thing just happens automatically, so there is little awareness involved. I look forward to playing this game with the other sources of income.

  • Well gang, I did it. I called the bank and set up two new accounts and they're active starting tomorrow. My affirmation, "I allow financial abundance to flow into my life in wonderous and unexpected ways." I'd love to hear other affirmations others use too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks Kim – I went on to register and I got the following message:
    This reCAPTCHA key isn't authorized for the given domain. I don't have a domain name and therefore will not be able to participate on the blog I guess. ๐Ÿ™

  • Hey Michelle – it's not referring to YOUR domain name – it's ours – because we have three of them that direct to the site, and the other two need to be listed there.

    SO TOMORROW you put yourself on the board, ok?

    Should be fixed by 1PM Central Time Friday, Sept 4.

    So glad you are participating.

  • Christel – Great you signed up!

    You have a great blog. I was born in Holland so I'll read it to practice my now-broken Dutch.

    We can take more folks right now, so no problem.


    The more the merrier, especially when we see results like what some folks are already getting – just be setting up the 5 and accounts.

  • Hi Kim,
    I'm just reading this today (Sept 6th in the middle east but likely Sept 5th in North America) and would love to join all of you.

    I, too, went to a Harv Eker seminar serveral years ago and set up the Financial Freedom account, along with the other accounts he suggests. It was the beginning of a financial turnaround for me so I'm very glad to be reminded of this and would love to be a part of it with you if I'm not too late. I'm going to go to the website and try but if I'm too late, I'll play along here on my own.


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