My personal goal for my business…

Kim Belief Video Image 100Customers...My personal goal for my business…

I want to build a business that is growable and earns income, without me having to be there. That is the goal. So we’re not constantly having to do events, create email or FB promotions or ad campaigns, and whatever else, to get orders.

“Marketing” – creating demand for YOU first, and then what you offer – is a set of processes…And of course that’s what we all must learn.

That way you get customers, and repeat orders, and you provide such satisfaction that those customers become your advocates, without even BEING paid. Just because of what they get from YOU. Think Apple.

“What they get from YOU” – way more than just your company’s products, btw. It’s the value YOU add.

Anyway, when you learn to “market” – create demand for YOU, Inc – and you have something in place, like a cool and warm email FU system, THAT is an example of a system that’s working for you. Even when you’re not there.

That is a system, which when it’s set up, can give you both time AND money freedom.

That’s what I’m looking to create, too. Got some of it working already because I learned  – and now teach principles of Authority Marketing

PS It’s like building a bridge. The bad news: Might take a year or two – and major effort of time AND money – to build the bridge across that water way. The good news: once it’s built, YOU, the builder of that bridge, will get to collect for years to come (tolls) from all those who use YOUR bridge to make their own lives easier every single day.

PPS Have you seen the program I created to show what I did to establish my own authority in certain areas, before anyone even knew exactly WHAT I had to offer? Check it out here…

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