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Sunday is spiritual day…

Everyone has stressors in life, with factors related to job pressure, money, health, and relationships tending to be the most common. Stress can be acute or chronic and can lead to fatigue, headaches, upset stomach, nervousness, and irritability or anger.

Everyone has ways of coping with the trials of daily life – exercising, adult beverages, meditation, talking, reading…

Here’s a little verse I learned about from the Dalai Lama last weekend. It’s been surprisingly helpful to me for putting people, things and myself into a gentler perspective. Several vitamins and other supplements, including Rhodiola rosea, melatonin, vitamin D, and ashwagandha, have been linked to reduced stress symptoms. L-theanine, B-complex vitamins, and magnesium may also help increase your body’s resistance to life’s stressors. To learn about other health supplements you can take, buy here from the Budpop CBD store.

“Whatsoever depends on conditions,
that is devoid of intrinsic existence.”


Since everything I know depends on conditions, including my own attitudes, my feelings, my financial and physical health, and my very being, I feel suddenly not as stuck with these things as before, so that’s why I found out if Is Delta 8 Legal in Oklahoma so I can consume this to help me. If such things don’t have any intrinsic existence of their own, I’m not stuck with them am I?

Any small things that help you as you encounter obstacles in your life?

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Kim Klaver


  • It has taken me many years to understand the meaning of Buddha’s quote.

    When we truly understand who we are, spirits made in the image of the Big Spirit (God if you will) then Buddha’s quote makes sense.

    My happiness is totally independent of my conditions; this has not always been true for me, but has always been true.

    Things exist because we think they exist and we keep the conditions in our life present because we think them into our existence.

    Mike Dooley, I believe has it right, when he says “Thoughts are Things”. In Gregg Braden’s book, The Divine Matrix, he does a great job of explaining how our world is the mirror of our beliefs.

    Here is a quote from Ralph Waldo Trine, In Tune with the Infinite which says it well, also.

    Within yourself lies the cause of whatever enters into your
    life. To come into the full realization of your own awakened
    inner powers is to be able to condition your life in exact
    accord with what you would have it.

    What helps me the most with life’s obstacles is to not give meaning from my bank of personal feelings to an event. Let the event stand on it’s own merit.

    Also, realizing that nothing physical, including our bodies, is permanent and that thing that gives me the ability to think and be me is permanent.


    Duane Spears

  • the best comment i can make here is that i practice what i learned from my friend robert schienfeld.

    a few months ago, he released his new book entitled ……”Busting Loose From The Money Game……..a game you cannot win.” (also applies to the human game)

    he gave me a toolbelt with only four tools on it. they are all i need… does what buda says and goes beyond what the “Secret” teaches in my opinion.

    you can check it out.. at

    dedicated to a better life for you.

    Mentor Dr……Dr. Herb Oliver

  • I find a quiet place and talk to God.

    Sometimes I need to talk to an earthly best friend.

    If I just need to get away from reality for a while, a favorite movie will give me a break.

  • Thanks Duane for the following:
    “Realizing that nothing physical, including our bodies, is permanent and THAT THING that gives me the ability TO THINK AND BE ME is permanent.
    I needed to be reminded of that at this moment.
    What I use which gives me a great deal of comfort and peace in stressful times is;
    The Serenity Prayer
    “Grant me the
    Serenity to accept the things I cannot change
    Courage to change the things I can and
    Wisdom to know the difference.”
    Thank you Kim
    Mary Nolan

  • Forget the past, don’t worry about the future, and BE in the NOW. Jeffrey Combs’ book “More Heart than Talent” has helped me a lot along with Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now.

    I was practicing being present in the NOW today while I was picking up dog poop in our back yard. When I focused closely on what I was doing, how it felt, observing the grass, observing my breathing, looking at other things I never pay attention to — the whole experience changed from just being a chore into an enriching moment.


  • My motto is: “All things shall pass.”
    Life is a bumpy road and that is what helps us grow and build character. I studied Transcendental Meditation and the Maharishi always said: “Take life as it comes.” I live every day for the day and work my business every day for the day. Things are good.
    Cathy Michaels

  • Usually what I do is to take a break, go for a run or a brisk walk and listen to some upbeat music. Lack of sleep will add to the stress too.

    If I’m overwhelmed with tasks, I remind myself to be focused on doing one thing at a time. A friend shared with me the 3 rocks principal – The 3 rocks are the daily 3 tasks that you need to complete. We can write it down the night before. Only when we’ve completed those tasks then can we add some more.

    Warm regards
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  • Based on my past experiences, I always turn to prayer and to God’s Word. Sometimes, I might seek a scripture that would help me to understand the situation or I might pray and ask God to reveal to me what I need to learn from this experience or what I need to do in response to the situation.

    My understanding of the situation isn’t really necessary, although it is comforting. In the end, I pray not for my will, but that God’s will be done in this situation. I’ve found that God’s will for me is always in my best interest. The situation may be frustrating, but I can still learn a valuable lesson from it.

    I chose to make God my business partner and I value his wisdom. This gives me peace and has resulted in a very successful and rewarding career.


  • I’ve found walking a labyrinth, listening to or playing Native American flute or drum, or a walk in the woods with my dog to all be the voices and words (natural sounds of nature) to provide perspective, wisdom and clarity.


  • Hi Again
    In reading the comments I see a very important ommision on my part to the Serenity Prayer.
    The Serenity Prayer starts with

  • I had to look up “intrinsic” :o)

    The “Serenity Prayer” has helped me oftentimes in the past and the knowledge that “Nothing is Permanent”.

    When I need a “lift” I find an inspirational book or movie, go for a walk or put on some uplifting music.


    Ilka ;o)

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