My productivity up 200% in 2 Steps

Here’s something I just started doing and my productivity has skyrocketed, I am suddenly
aware how much time I am wasting online.

1. Set up my “to do” list at a free little service:

My list page looks like this:

The list expanded looks like this. NOTE finished items checked off at bottom.

Productivity tip that did it for me?

2. Make a few short personal to-do lists.  Then, I reset my home page so that
each time I get on my computer, instead of the news or other distractions, I see:

Try it.  Let us know what happens for you.  I’m on day 3 now.  What if it helps you
like it’s helping me?

1. Go to  Set up.  Takes literally 10 seconds.  Time it and see.
2. Go to Preferences on your browser, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, whatever you use.
3. Find and change out your “home page” link. Delete what’s there now,
and put in your personal link.
NOTE: Copy-paste the ta-da link into that home page field AFTER you have
set up your ta-da account so that YOUR ta-da list appears when you open
a new browser.  (Not the general page, but YOUR specific
tadalist link. It will have your contact ID in it.)



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