Network Marketers: It’s not YOUR excitement about the product that will sell others…

awNetwork Marketers: It’s not YOUR excitement about the product that will sell others…

It’s about finding the right people to offer it to…who share the values.


I’m not a golf person. So no matter HOW excitedly someone talks to me about the latest Tiger Woods signed clubs (or whoever the latest hero is), I will never buy them.

I don’t care about golf. No matter how nice they are to me, show me they care, it’s not for me.

I’m an Apple lover.  Have been for 30 years.  I’d never buy anything but Apple computers, iPhone, etc.  And I have no “relationship” with Steve Jobs.  But I love him and his stuff anyway.  Some of you might prefer Android, or don’t want a smart phone at all.  Period.  No matter how wonderful some of us thing Apple gear is, you’re not interested.  Period.

Marketing is like that.  It’s about values.  And we all have different values.  I can not MAKE you love Apple if you don’t.  Just like nobody can make me love Android because I don’t.  Bottom line…

Successful sales and marketing is not about how WE might love it. It’s about finding those who share the values…

Make sense?

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  • “People are more likely to act to avoid pain, than to get gain.” – Dan Kennedy

    “People will do more to avoid pain, than they will to gain pleasure.” – Tony Robbins

    “You’ll always make more money, with less pain and suffering, by selling a cure rather than a preventative measure.” – Perry Marshall

    How does “avoid pain” also fit in with marketing is about values?

    • Marketers often talk about avoiding pain in their marketing…so those for whom avoiding pain is THEIR big value, that is how marketers can speak to it…

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