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Network Marketing – Followers…

Network Marketing - FollowersFollowers…

Who doesn’t want followers – on Facebook, Twitter, or on your email list?

What do you think would make your followers STAY on your list?

1) Product or biz opp pitches…or

2) Interesting content that relates to what you’re both interested in, such as:

  • “Three common habits that make your skin look 10 years older than you are…” (you’re marketing a skin care line)
  • “One daily habit that got rid of my headaches and I’ve never taken a headache pill since…” (you’re marketing a pain relief product)
  • “Three foods that sap your energy…” (you’re selling an energy product)

Now and then, you promote your product…

What if you did that? It’s called: Marketing. Creating demand and being helpful to those who share certain concerns (good looking skin, sleeping well, non-drug alternative to aches and pains…)

Doing this establishes you an an authority on the subject you and your followers are interested in. And that’s what will help them want to buy from YOU.

And you will likely have such habits yourself, and you can find hundreds such tips by Googling.
See how that works?

PS For example, one thing I do for people in my market is 1) help them talk like a normal person about their product, and 2) to position themselves and their product in a way that the RIGHT people come or refer the right ones.

Here’s an example of that…The first part is all the surprising tips…and at the end a gentle offer for the FEW who want to learn how to do this themselves.

PS Here’s an example of that… The first part is all the surprising tips… and at the end a gentle offer for the FEW who want to learn how to do this themselves. See here.

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