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NEVER send visitors directly to your “offer”…

embarassed monkeyNEVER send visitors directly to your “offer”

I mean the web page where you offer something for sale – be it your NM replicated web page, or the affiliate page you’re promoting.




Because your business success is based on your list.

And sending others directly to your “offer page” means you are NOT GETTING the names and emails of peeps who are interesting in checking that out later.

Most peeps do NOT buy the first time they see something. You don’t, do you?

=> If you don’t get their names and email when they’re nosing around that first time, you can NEVER contact them again. They’ve disappeared.

But if you have a landing page – or form for them to enter name and email – because they’re interested in learning more, you’d have them on your list for later emailing info to them.

Here’s my “opt in form” on my blog. See the spaces for name and email?

Kim's blog opt in form

And here’s a basic “Landing page” with a form for a reader to “opt in” – enter their first name and email, to get more info…

Opt in page Julia Child fake

They are now added to YOUR list so you can send them quality tips, teach stuff and sometimes, offer things they might buy.

Do you have your list – your name and email capturing – system set up?  You can try one I use for $1 here…See top right green Free Trial button. 🙂

That’s your list bucket. And email sending service. After you get that, review their intro 3 minute videos and set yours up! So you can start YOUR personal list.

If you’d like to know which “Landing Page” maker I use, email me here.
There are some options.

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