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New Interview Question

I’ve been interviewing person after person these past few weeks.

Yep I’m building again. So interviews are my process.

All peeps with experience in MLM.

Something I’ve observed for many:
They’re distracted by issues in their lives that are unpleasant.
Or happenings that cause sense of loss and missed opportunity.

For example, serious illness in the near family, painful marital and custody disputes, constantly looking at each new opportunity they are offered wondering which one to grab, worrying ‘what if it doesn’t work or last?’

Or they’re sure they have contacted every person they know, and they’re
all pukies. Or dirt poor. Or not willing to buy for one reason or another.

Others can’t let go of their FB or Twitter pings during the day, for fear of
missing one tidbit or other — which they forget as soon as they see it.

In these mental states, how can anyone hope to succeed in a business of their own?
Getting any business off the ground requires total structured focus for at least a couple
hours per day. And a sense of optimism. Not pessimism.

So now I have added another interview question: Yes, I know you want more income.
But. Are there situations in your life that constantly occupy your mind during
the day that will keep you from clear and optimistic focus?

Do you focus on what you cannot do versus what you can do?

Or, are you hooked on FB or web surfing, gossip sites or whatever, and you
cannot really focus on something for an hour or two per day, because you
either can’t let go of it or you just cannot put it out of your mind?

If so (to anything like this), this is not a good time to start your business,
especially not if you want to do it part time.

Because by the time you get to it and talk to someone, that dark or
distracted energy enveloping you will instantly be transmitted
to the other person.

How will you attract a really good person then?

So let me know when you CAN focus a few hours a day.
I’ll be here.

Moral. This business is hard enough without adding someone else’s burdens
to your own. If you take in someone in this state, because they are needy financially
and mentally, can you just imagine what your conversations will be about?

Is that any way to build a thriving MLM business?

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Kim Klaver


  • Wow, awesome Kim, although I’m certain I fall into several of those “not now” categories. Almost feel guilty for reaching out as my “resources” or lack thereof caused me to not “put out” on our first date…

    Guess you can’t have it, that Hollywood income, in your lifetime, if you can’t find a way to fix your “broken” credit card… I believe in this economy there are many more like me that believe in building a big “heap”, but are scared to death about eating next week, guess that’s the “dirt poor” that just aren’t ready…

    As badly as some may want it, you know that thing, starting your own business still requires that have the ability to make the cash register go ca-Ching…

    I never knew if I was true when “building”my own heaps in the past if it just an excuse or simply a “puke”, but for me it’s guilty as charged…dirt poor.

    • Hey Chris,

      You do what you can with the resources you have. If most of your thoughts and conversation are about the things and times when it didn’t go well –
      times we all have and have had – it will be hard to find a space to start fresh.

      So if you put those burdens aside, just for a time, there will be space in the brain to see clearly what you might do to start something again. Think?

  • Thanks Kim,
    You seem to have a gifted knack of exposing not just how to run a networkmarketing business from purely a business standpoint, but even moreso, the inner workings of the mindset that is essential to thrive in such a business. I can’t believe how simple it seems but it can easily go unnoticed if not brought to the forefront. I was told by a great trainer that in order to build your business, you have to build you! I didn’t understand that for the longest as my eye was on how to make money and a whole lot of it. The hell with all this mumbo jumbo about building me. My philosophy was ” show me the money! ” Well I got a rude awakening. I didn’t realize that the order to this business was real as real can get. To “be” came before to “do”. And I must admit, its not always good hearing these things you have to say because it strikes a chord in me that points out how my mindset is keeping me from being at my best. The good thing about it is I now have a choice to do something about it. And once I see it in me, it’s much easier to see it in others. And while its important to know what I want; its just as important to know what I don’t want. It’s so tempting to take people that are saying yes, even if its for the wrong reasons. Knowing the difference is crucial.
    Thanks Kim!

  • Dear Kim,
    Perhaps these deficiencies are symptoms of our troubled economy? I am not waiting for the “perfect” time and I do my best to push through the clutter. But, I have learned that I should not speak to good or bad prospects if I can’t do it with a smile. It is amazing how they can see it through the phone.

    • Tom, yes, there is for sure a malaise that is gripping many many folks in the USA. The economy has most definitely reduced the incomes of a large cross section of our population – including entrepreneurs.

      MLMers too are affected, because people who otherwise might have bought better stuff, go back to the lower quality because of the cost savings.

      Not easy. Not fun. But we must go on and innovate. What else?

  • Great insight Kim! The interview process allows us to weed out the tire-kickers. A lot of people want what you have but they don’t want to do what you do. I believe many just need a sense of direction. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. If they “puke” on me once… I’ll listen. If they puke on me twice… I might not be so available.

  • Right on , Kim. MLM is a simple business model, but hard work. One of my interview questions is to find out the WHY. Until they truly know and are passionate about their why, I don’t think they are ready. When the going gets tough, I remind myself as to why I’m doing this which brings a smile, and then I keep going. Thanks for sharing your insights, Kim.

  • It is simple, get off your ass and do something. Increase your number of contacts if your conversion to reps drop off. When the economy is down MLM spells OPPORTUNITY for those who actually want to build something. Quit whining and get after it. It will take more cash to buy storage food and seeds.

  • This reminds me of a saying from my background in psychology: “Never work harder than your client.” If you do, you are in fantasy, and will waste your time. So recognize blamers, excusers, opportunists, and addicts of any kind. I like your question, Kim, and “So let me know when you CAN focus a few hours a day. I’ll be here.” ~ perfect.

  • Wonderful to know that I am not the only one struggling to engage with my downlines to build their network business, one relationship at a time and to make sure that they recruit people who want to work this business.

    • Franklin —

      People who not only “want to” but are mentally able to. That is, not so preoccupied with their problems, that they cannot find clear space in their brains to create some new energy and new results. Think?

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