New Video: How Not To Be An MLM Loser

61% of MLMers will be losers this year. But one group is having the time of their lives. I’ll be offering a big new program to walk you through it. Starts November 27.

I just made this 3 minute video to introduce the new program. Video two coming later this week. Did you love this one? Comment below. Need not be signed in or anything.

NOTE: To PAUSE the video anywhere, click on the pause button at the bottom left of the video screen.

WARNING: I talk on this little video, so turn on your speakers or don your Sunday headset.

If you want to get on the Priority list for the new program, email me here and put in subject: No MLM Loser.

P.S. This course will include the basics of how we did the magical “In Home” demo I described here. We have over 150 folks who have asked to be on the priority waiting list for that. This program will include the “Teach Me In Home.”

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Kim Klaver


  • I'm going to hazard a guess that the one golden target market is Prime-Time Women, who have the money to spend if the offer is right and perhaps "the cause is just".

    I'm still betting that MLM, in some form, can be the salvation of many people's financial problems if they go into a smart program with open eyes. (…and the masses stop resisting it!)

    Our benevolent(?) government is not making things any easier with threats to install a "kill switch" on the Internet and just generally making commerce more difficult, spreading distrust of our fellow citizens, and promising to restore the economy — all of which keeps people in limbo and prevents them from taking action to improve their own situation.

    So, that's my take. There are some segments of the world and the national economy that are prospering and we all need to target them in our marketing efforts.

    So, let's hear your conclusions, Kim. Thanks, as always, for a thought-provoking post!

  • Hi Kim,

    I really enjoy your voice.It is obvious you have a good time putting your videos together.

    I am guessing the group you speak of is the seniors/retirees.

    If anyone deserves success in this industry; it is Lulu. She has been so abused all these years. I am glad she will be in your class.

    We have talk the whys behind the failure rate to death over the years on this most wonderful blog of K2. Perhaps a more positive approach would be to study the 3% that hit the Grand Slam and endeavor to understand what makes them different.

    I am hopelessly addicted to this business model and believe it is ingenius. It is certain people that promote, by example, certain practices; who cause the heap of losers along the sidelines.

    Who could resist staying tuned in for your sequel?

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • My guess is the market segment is Working Moms who have money to invest and are longing for more time freedom so they can spend time with their children whom they don't get to see enough. Or they just plain want more time to spend on whatever truly matters to them. Can't wait to hear more about the new course!

  • We have a huge number of unemployed, smart and educated people who not only lost their jobs but their retirement, too. That's my bet!

    Thanks for your insightful and entertaining videos.


  • Aloha Kim,
    Great stuff as always, Thank you for all the love you send us! I going to guess that the target group is still us glorious boomers with disposable income and a new need for a plan B with our resent economy dent.
    Peace & Blessings
    Billy M

  • Hi Kim, Great video! You can tell you put your heart into it:-)

    The under-appreciated group is customers. For me, it's folks with heartburn, gout, or lactic acid build-up.

    Have a great day!

    With sincere appreciation,


    Tracy Austin

  • My guess is that You are speaking in a non-sales languange to a specific group such as people who have joint problems.
    Where do I find them?and how do I speak to them?
    Can you teach Ms Lulu to make $5,000 a month,month after month?
    Would you teach her that after she gets her money to stop foreclosure of her home,she can continue to make the same amount month aftet month without lifting a finger?

  • Absolutely brilliant presentation I would appreciate reading more seeing more and hearing more, Must confess I love this internet so much great STUFF available if you keep looking well done. I would appreciate the chance to folow your blog (s)

    As to what it is all about ? I don't know so pweeeze just send me the next video I am down in Australia and will keep it a secret (LOL)
    PS Proud member of the 97%ers 🙁

  • Loved the video, Kim!

    Poor Lulu, there are so many just like her out there desperately trying to survive.

    Looking forward to video 2.


  • The biggest overlooked market is: the COLD market. Everybody fears to talk to them and we are being taught to make a list of people we know. Even if we know 10'000 people in our warm market, the cold market is a few billion people.
    Just about to finish your book Kim, love the new approach and will start practising it.

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