My newest little program (it’s 26 minutes, yes really)

My newest little program (it’s 26 minutes, yes really)

Mr rogers neighborhood and me“Three magical language patterns that earned
Mr. Rogers $20 Million in 6 Minutes.”

For opting in, you get the transcription and his
original video…no cost.

For listening to the first 4 minutes after opting in,
you’ll see how you can
transform your audience with language like Mr. Rogers –
in 26 minutes.

You’ll get to join a wonderful group of folks in “the neighborhood”
already doing this very thing together.

PS This is for people who really really LOVE their product or
program and want to get hundreds of customers on monthly.
It’s less for the recruit-recruit presentation.

PPS When time is of the essence for most good people,
SHORTER AND effective teachings you can implement –
on the spot – seem way better to me. Ergo a 26 minutes how-to teaching. 

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