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No, we’re not ‘the best’, or even ‘a better way’…

2 mad girls cartoon 1086521_SMJPGMarketing is about values.  And people have different values.

Some folks prefer steady income.  Others are willing to
take a risk on earning bigger, but UNCERTAIN income

Opposed Values: Steady lower income versus possibly higher,
but uncertain income.

Unless you want to come across as a holier-than-thou type, or
the know-it-all everyone loves to hate type, know this:

Winning others over to your solution does not happen because you say your answer to the problem (say weight, energy or more income) is better than theirs. No. That’s a great way to make people cross the street when they see you coming.

-> Because. If they don’t share your values, they just turn away.

No, NOT because they don’t see your vision.  But because they don’t share the entrepreneurial values – higher but uncertain income – versus lower, but steady income, for themselves. Period.

How to solve this so you don’t lose friends or respect of others?

1) Begin your marketing by stating what you believe, and asking for those who believe what you believe.

2) Instead of announcing to folks outside our industry that “we have the best way or a better way”, ask first for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and belief set…

When you find such a one, THEN talk about what you believe,
and how you’re doing X to express that belief.

See what I mean?

PS I have a program designed to help you ask for just those
who believe what you do…maybe you can get into the next
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