General Present Secrets

“Holy Moley!”

When your demo makes someone say that,
you’re on your way to creating a raving fan for your thing.
Do that to more people, get more raving fans.
That’s what Apple does. It’s not about talent.
It’s about focus.

Here’s what happened to Tiffany,
a 17-year MLM veteran.
She did this in her kitchen.

Here’s specifically what she does to give
her guests that OMG moment (3 mins).

After 17 years of floundering, she realized she was a
helper healer type. Now she’s making more than she ever has,
helping others who are her right audience.

Note, this is not about making promises or giving lectures.
It’s about giving someone an experience so they go, “OMG!”

That’s how a raving fan is born.

PS Here’s what Tiffany’s doing. See if this is a match for you.

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Kim Klaver


  • Thanks, Kim, for posting Tiffany’s testimony. Some very helpful insights. Letting go of the classic mom angst is something I find challenging too. Now I’m encouraged and inspired!

  • Kim I am from Sydney Australia and am interested in the Helper Healer program, but I work on Saturday and Sunday evenings in Nursing, and I wont be able to take part in the live teleclasses. Will I be able to download and listen to them after each class?

    • Hi Anne,

      Yes we record the calls so you can listen in right after. The calls are just part of the program. There are helpful videos, PDFs and tips in addition to the monthly live calls
      Plus of course you hear how members are putting on fun wow events to market their products and programs. Hope that helps!

  • Hi, I’m really happy that Tiffany has seen success in her business but for me, listening to this clip, I have no clearer idea as to what her OMG experience looked like as there were in fact no specifics provided, just the general use of words like “value”. As a result, I found little of value in the presentation that I could bring into my own business.

    • Hello other anne,

      Sorry that Tiffany’s audio was not clear for you. What she said at the end of the second little audio was this: while her
      product was for fat/weight loss, she did not limit her presentation to
      what her product could do for that problem.

      That’s what most presenters do. Talk about a problem and then the rest is about how great the company and product is. Room filled with company banners, etc.

      Instead, Tiffany surprised them: She discussed four ways to get rid of this fat. only one was her product. The other three ways she had researched and put together in a nice presentation for folks to take home. She wasn’t selling
      any of that. They were just added things people do to get rid of fat:

      1) eating right;
      2) stress management
      3) importance of sleep and
      4) her product

      She added value and demonstrated she was an authority on the fat subject, because she offered much more than just her product as a solution. She found most of that online. So in this case, the “wow” she gave those folks were solid tips to solve their problem, well research and presented, and only one of them was her product. She came across as a authority, rather than just a seller. That surprised the guests, most of whom bought or recommended people for her next little gig.

      Does that help?

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